The Quickest And Safest Way To Defrost Your Meat

Now there’s no need to panic if you forgot to take your meat out of the freezer. Today we show you a fast way to defrost meat safely. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

fast way to defrost meat

Defrosting meat in a hurry? Need chicken, steak, or pork on the table tonight? This test kitchen trick defrosts meat fast & quickly, in minutes—and doesn’t risk overcooking like the microwave does.

According to America’s Test Kitchen, they always thaw large cuts (entire roasts and whole birds like chicken and turkey) in the refrigerator, but also use the quick-thaw method for cuts that are 1 inch thick or less.

How To Defrost Meat Fast Video Tutorial

America’s Test Kitchen has some excellent information when it comes to thawing small cuts of meat that we have outlined for you below. We highly recommend you watch. Click Play above ^

Meat Defrosting Information

Simply seal the meat in zipper-lock bags and submerge the bags in very hot (140-degree) water. This way, the meat defrosts quickly and bacterial growth remains in the “safe” range. America’s Test Kitchen found that quick-thawed meat is indistinguishable from meat defrosted in the refrigerator (including chicken breasts, which may turn slightly opaque once thawed).

Note on thawing meat: Do NOT simply leave it out on the counter! Frozen meat left on the counter can begin to grow microorganisms in as little as 2 hours.

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