If you are planning on Fireworks, it’s vital that you take your Pets feelings into consideration. This is not a fun time for them and it is in fact a terrifying time for them.

fireworks pet safety tips

Fireworks are a time of sheer terror for many pets. The effects can be life changing and can result in nervousness and anxiety.

Did you know that on the 4th of July, more pets go missing than any other time of the year? Whilst we understand that many enjoy the displays, it comes at a big price as your pets may never be the same again. Today we share helpful tips to get you through.

fireworks pet safety tips

Let’s start with these tips from RSPCA UK. They suggest that you start off by creating safe spaces for your pets. Give them somewhere to hide. When you view the video further down our page you will see how to make a doggy den.

Under furniture or even in a cupboard are good options. Just be sure that you don’t try and remove them once they are there. This will cause additional stress.

fireworks pet safety tips

Make sure that you walk them during the day to tire them out. Close off your windows and curtains and create a calm environment. Pop on music or tv as a distraction.

Don’t get angry or chide them for being scared. Pet Safety also has a great recommendation and that is to ensure that the information on their collars is up to date. Make sure you have your phone number so that if your pet is lost, it can be returned to you. Keep some dog treats on hand too for this stressful time.

fireworks pet safety tips

RSPCA also suggest that you take into consideration that young children may also be stressed. You should keep them away from pets during this time as your pets may be unpredictable.

When they are frightened they may act out of character and could even strike out. Teach children to have empathy for pets and how to play with them appropriately. Have some of your pets favorite toys on hand and places for them to retreat.

fireworks pet safety tips

Do not leave them tied up in open spaces, this will cause enormous stress and anxiety. Many hurt themselves trying to escape. Use logic in your decisions and try and put yourself in your pets shoes. This will help you to make smart choices.

Brightside have created this infographic that shows you how to make your own Dog Anxiety Wraps.

Fireworks Pet Safety Tips Video Tutorial

We have included some further tips from RSPCA that you will no doubt find helpful and we also have a whole post that shows you how to make your own Dog Anxiety Wraps.

You can see the video here. To see the tips that includes how to make a Doggy Den, click Play above ^

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