How To Fold Parchment Piping Bags

Learn the Pro secrets of folding Parchment Piping Bags. It’s easy when you know how and we have a quick and easy video tutorial to step you through the process.

How would you like to learn how to fold a Parchment Piping Bag? This is a very handy and awfully clever kitchen hack that is bound to come in very handy if you love to bake.

The process is very easy and is also excellent for emergency situations. A roll of parchment paper is also inexpensive compared to buying other materials.

You’ll learn how to fold parchment paper triangles into disposable decorating bags that are a great use-and-toss option.

Parchment paper pastry bags are perfect for cake decorating, especially piping small details, fine lines, writing without a tip, string-work and whenever small amounts of royal icing, buttercream or melted candy are needed.

Wilton Decorating Tips:

  • To use a decorating tip, cut 3/4 in. off the end of the bag and drop it in.
  • Don’t overfill your bag, 1/2 full or less is best.
  • It’s easier to use pre-cut parchment triangles.

How To Fold Parchment Piping Bag

Are you ready to learn how to make your own inexpensive, disposable Parchment Piping Bags? We have included this helpful video tutorial from Wilton that steps you through the process. Click Play above to watch now ^

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