You will love learning how to grow Wisteria in a pot. We have plenty of great ideas including living fences and a video tutorial to show you how.

Wisteria is a beautiful flowering plant that has traditionally been grown in China and Japan for over one thousand years.

The blooms are most commonly a deep mauve or purple. Other shades range from a pale pink all the way through to a pure white. Wisteria is a gorgeous addition to any garden and it is particularly beautiful on verandah posts and arbors. It makes a perfect centerpiece and backdrop.

Wisteria is very easy to grow and it is also extremely hardy. There is a delicate beauty to the flowers and the blooms have a wonderful fragrance.

When it comes to growing Wisteria, you should start off with a live plant. 

If you use seeds, it will take ten to fifteen years to bloom, instead of three years using the latter.

Grow Wisteria In A Pot

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Once established, Wisteria is a vigorous plant and a fantastic climber. You can display it in many ways and create a focal point for your garden.

You can pop it against fences, sheds, walls and add a trellis to your pot. This will support your wisteria and help to strengthen your plant. There are also Trellis Kits available on Amazon.

Wisteria is best planted in Spring or Autumn. It will thrive in either full or partial sun. It can take off quite quickly and is fast-growing. You will also need to keep your Wisteria pruned well.

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What You Need To Grow Wisteria In A Pot

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When it comes to your Wisteria, you will need good drainage in your pot or container so be sure to drill some drainage holes in the base if required.

The pot should allow room for growth and a good tip is that it should be at least 3 to 4 times the size of your plant’s root ball if using a live plant.

If you are propagating from existing wisteria you can use a smaller container in the first instance.

You should also cover your plant well with the soil and give it a decent drink of water. This should happen prior to placing it in an area where it receives full or partial sun.


Wisteria Trellis Kits

We love the idea of showcasing your Wisteria on a Trellis and you can buy your own kits on Amazon.

Wisteria Bonasai via Etsy

Wisteria Bonsai Tree

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Wisteria also looks particularly gorgeous in Bonsai form like this version that we found on Etsy. The shop has over 4000 5 star reviews and people rave about their seeds.

The color will add a beautiful touch to your home and the good news is it’s inexpensive to get started. Find the seeds here.

How To Propagate Wisteria Video Tutorial

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We have included an easy-to-follow video that shows you how to propagate Wisteria successfully using 2 techniques.

Larry Gollogly is here to share his tips and show you how to get yours going. He shares some excellent information so be sure to view. To see Larry in action, click Play above now ^

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