Learn How To Tell What Is Leaking From Your Car

If you have a car, there may be times when you notice some liquid leaking from it. Today we show you how to identify minor to major issues, quickly and extremely easily.

what is leaking from my car

If you walk out to your garage, carport or driveway and notice fluid leaking onto the ground it is easy to panic.

Before you ring the Mechanic and risk being misled, you might like to make your own investigations. Today we share a helpful infographic that will help you understand minor and major issues.

On All Cylinders are the creators behind this Infographic and we are sure that you will agree that this is very helpful. All you need to do is study the car diagram. As you can see there are leaks like windshield wiper fluid and coolant fluid that are on the minor end.

The leaks also have different color fluids and consistency. Once you are able to identify them, you will be able to speak more knowledgeably with your mechanic and ensure that they don’t hoodwink you by suggesting they are overly serious. Check out the best 12 Cleaning Hacks too. Be sure to view our post here

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