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How to Unshrink Clothes After Washing

Have you accidentally shrunk a favorite piece of clothing? We have found a way that you can unshrink it’ll love this clever hack!

How To Unshrink Clothes After Washing

There are some things that are regularly searched on google every month. It seems we are all wanting to know the answers to similar things. For example how to fold a fitted sheet gets plenty of hits! Another thing that many seem keen to find out is how to unshrink clothes after they have been washed. If you are here, chances are you would love to know too!

We had absolutely no idea that this was even possible. The Blogger you will meet today was also skeptical but when her hubby shrunk her favorite Yoga Pants, she was a woman with a mission and now you can learn her findings!  

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How To Unshrink Your Clothes After Washing

Jill of ‘One Good Thing By Jillee’ has so many tips and tricks. We can’t believe what we have learned from her over time.

We love her 4 Ingredient Miracle Whitener and this is another clever laundry hack! If you are ready to see her strut her stuff, keep scrolling for her video tutorial below ⇓

How to Unshrink Clothes via One Good Thing By Jillee

Jillee steps you through the process using one cap of Baby Shampoo and warm water. You will also need two towels and of course your shrunk garment. The Baby Shampoo actually relaxes the fibers which allow you to stretch the material. It will then regain its original form. Click Play above to watch ⇑

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How To Unshrink Clothes After Washing

How To Unshrink Clothes via Who What Wear 

We have seen a couple of different products that have been used for unshrinking clothes. The version above from Who What Wear uses Hair Conditioner. From what we have read, this works extremely well too. Continue scrolling our page to see the video tutorial that will show you the results. You will be so happy you discovered this clever trick!

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