How To Iron Shirt In 90 Seconds Flat

Learn the secret to achieving a Pro result every single time. You will love to see how to iron a shirt the correct way and in 90 seconds flat. You’ll adore this clever hack!

how to iron shirt in 90 seconds

If ironing shirts is on your least favorite list, you are not alone. It’s time consuming and the results are always less than perfect.

There is nothing worse than spending all your time and energy, only to end up with the dreaded train tracks down the sleeves. Well, today, that all changes! You will learn how to iron shirt in 90 seconds flat and achieve the Pro results that you have dreamed of!

How To Iron Shirt In 90 Seconds Video

Jim Moore is the Creative Director of Mens Mag GQ and he is showing us the correct way to iron a Mens Dress Shirt. You will love his clever tips and tricks and there’s a reason that his video has attracted nearly 2 million views.

We were super excited to find out that we can do this ourselves at home in 90 seconds or less. Click Play above to watch now ^

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