How To Perfectly Pair Necklaces With Necklines

Learn the secret to pairing necklaces with necklines with our handy style guide that will show you how to make the right decision every time. Watch the video too.

Working out necklaces for necklines is the bane of our existence. There is nothing worse than a piece of jewelry that takes away.

Well you’ll never have to worry again! We’ve rounded up all the best tips and tricks plus plenty of cheat sheets that will ensure that you look your stylish best at all times.

While you’re here we had to share these beautiful pendant ideas that we found on Etsy. The shop is hugely popular and has all sorts of amazing personalised pieces and we know you will be keen to check out the whole collection. You can see them all here.

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Here is a great visual from Charming Charlie for pairing different styles of necklaces with necklines. There is a look for everything from a simple ballet cut to the tricky cowl.

You’ll notice that some necklines are easier to pair with bigger statement necklaces. These include:

  • V-necks
  • Strapless
  • Button-Down
  • Ballet
  • Crew Tops

Necklines with more emphasis such as cowls and turtlenecks can still be paired with bold necklaces. It is recommended to choose those that are a little less ornate.

Necklaces For Necklines Video

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to get a great look using different length and size necklaces.

You will be able to see how and why the pieces are selected and how they compliment the various outfits. Click Play above to view ^

This graphic from MixNMatch-HK shows some great variations that you can use with different necklines.

As you can see there are a couple of different options and you can choose from a bold statement piece or something more classic.

These Zodiac Constellation Necklaces from Etsy would certainly fit the bill and they have been huge sellers. We can see why! Some other tips you should adhere to when selecting your necklace are the following:

1. Pay Attention to length You don’t want your necklace constantly¬†falling in the front of your top, or your bright-print dress to be overpowered by a statement necklace.

2. Statement Or Classic? Deciding whether you should go with that statement piece or not? Remember, it depends on your necklines and how it’s decorated. If it has a complex pattern or already has some adornment on it, it’s probably best to stick with just earrings.

3. Color You don’t want your colors to completely clash, but having everything matching is always the best idea either. Find colors that go well together, and decide whether you want your jewelry or outfit to pop out more.

Pairing Necklaces With Necklines

The graphic above from Diamondere covers every neckline in your wardrobe and it shows necklaces, rings and bracelets. For example a short necklace and stud earrings look great with a heart shaped neckline. Want more? See 40 ways to tie a neck scarf here

Another stunner is this Dandelion Fairy Necklace we found on Etsy. It is something you might like to add to your jewelry box or give as a gift. It is a real Dandelion made as a necklace and we loved it the minute we saw it. Check out the Sellers other ideas here

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