How To Make The Juciest Chicken Ever

Learn how to cook mouthwatering Chicken to a Restaurant quality. You’ll love these clever tips and tricks that are practically fail proof! Check them out now.

Ssh! We’re sharing the secret to Perfect Baked Chicken Breasts with you! There will be no more dry and tasteless Chicken Breasts .. just moist and delicious!

The secret is in the preparation. Brining the Chicken preserves all the goodness and flavor. It’s a 5 step recipe to guaranteed success! You only need to allow 5 minutes prep time and 15 minutes cooking. You’ll be amazed at the incredible results that you will achieve!

Baked Chicken Breasts 5 Simple Steps

Brining your Chicken

Ali suggests that you fill a bowl up with warm water. Be sure that it is not hot, think more like a baby bath! Next you will need to stir in a handful of salt. Wait until it has almost dissolved. Now it’s time to add your Chicken Breasts.

Brining for those that are unaware is to soak in salt water. You want to leave them in the mixture for around 15 minutes. If you are prepping ahead, you can cover and pop in the fridge for up to 6 hours. Be careful not to overdo it!

The secret step according to Ali is to rinse your chicken in cold water. You then pat dry with paper towels. Be sure that you complete this step as it’s integral to the process.

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Ali has a full tutorial on her site where she steps you through the whole process. While you’re here be sure that you check out the other ideas that we have included in our post.

Did you know that another of the easiest ways to cook succulent and super moist chicken is to use Parchment Paper? It acts as the Chickens Skin and is a cross between braising and roasting. There is no chance of the chicken drying out and it cooks in its own juices.

This is so easy and the results will delight you. This is one method you definitely need to road test.

How To Cook Chicken Breasts In Oven Video

We have included a video tutorial from  ‘The Kitchn’ where they show us in one minute how to naile the recipe. Click Play above ot view now ^

How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken

We’re very thankful to ‘Eating Well’ for this fabulous Infographic that shows us how to cut up a whole Chicken. As you can see when the steps are broken down, it’s really a simple process. Who would have thought it could be this easy?

How To Tell If Your Food Is Done

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Be sure to check out the featured recipe below too. You’ll love —Extra Moist BBQ Chicken

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