They say an apple a day keeps the Doctor away but no one likes a brown apple. Today we show you how to stop them browning and make them last longer. Watch the video tutorial now.

If you love your apples, how to stop cut apples from browning is one of life’s challenges. Today, we will share a clever kitchen hack from America’s Test Kitchen and you won’t want to miss it.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts, do you know the reason that apples brown when cut? Apples are extremely rich in iron, which makes them a great addition to your daily diet.

Once they are cut open and exposed to the air, their cells are damaged. The brown color they turn is iron oxide, which is best described as rust.

The great news is they are perfectly safe to eat. Better still, add them to a green smoothie. Another helpful tip is to use a very sharp knife as this will do less damage than a blunt or serrated knife.

Popular Ways To Stop Apples Browning

We have a number of ways to stop cut apple from browning. Here are some of the most widely circulated.

Soaking apple slices in saltwater is a method that seems to work well. Simply mix 1/2 a teaspoon of salt per quart of water for up to 1o minutes.

A number of comments we found on videos mentioned using Vitamin C tablets. This is the regular type that you get from health food stores. You crush them up and add them to water. You can also dissolve vitamin c crystals in water and soak your apples in the solution.

Another excellent way to ensure that your apples don’t turn brown is to slice a whole apple up and then keep it in its shape with a rubber band. This is perfect for use in a lunchbox.

America Test Kitchen recommends soaking in a honey-water solution (sugar water also apparently works). We have included their video below.

How To Stop Cut Apples From Browning

via America’s Test Kitchen

Are you ready to see the best way to stop your apples turning brown? This excellent video from America Test Kitchen shows you their tried and true recommendation. To watch, click play above now ^

Want More Apple ideas?

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