Tulips are one of the most spectacular flowers. Their color and curvature is wonderful. Today we show you how to stop Tulips drooping and also how to extend your bouquet.

Tulips are incredibly cheery and can transform a favorite space in your place instantly. One of the biggest issues, they can droop and look rather sad.

Did you know that Tulips grow as much as their head every day? We were staggered to find this out. It seems the sheer weight is the cause.

Before we show you the tips to stopping your Tulips from drooping, we thought you would like to know meanings of colored Tulips.

We found this information from Love Lives On who specialize in memory ceremonies to be very interesting. Yellow signifies cheerfulness and happiness, white mean heaven, newness or purity.

Red is for deep love and purple is long associated with Royalty. Pink represents caring and affection and variegated Tulips mean ‘you have beautiful eyes’.

Tip #1 Stop Tulips Drooping With Vodka

The first tip that we are sharing with you is from Courtenay of The Creekline House . It is not something we have personally tried but there are a number of videos and feedback suggesting that it works. It involves using 1 part Vodka to 7 parts water.

Vodka is amongst the most pure of alcohol and it has many uses. According to Cornell University, Vodka acts as a growth retardant for the leaves and stems. The great news is that it does not affect the flowers.

This is the perfect solution given the stems are what cause the curvature, and they grow so fast. Give it a try!

Tip #2 Stop Tulips Drooping With A Penny

According To Melissa of The Happier Homemaker, she adds a Penny (prior to 1981) to her vase.

We’re not sure whether it’s an old wives tale or not, but she does it anyway and it apparently has something to do with the nutrients from the copper. Either way, give it a try!

Tip #3 Stop Tulips Drooping With Pins

According to Youtuber So Neaty her friend shared a trick to stopping Tulip droop and that was to piercing the base of the tulip flower head with a pin. This makes the water rise to the flower and as a result and would increase hydration. As a result, they stand up.

She tried this tip and had some good success. Again, it’s just a suggestion and another one to try. Continue scrolling to see how to care and increase the longevity of your tulip bouquet.

How To Stop Tulips Drooping Video Tutorial

Leanne Kessler from The Floral Design Institute is here to show us how to care for Tulips. Her tips and tricks really impressed us and we know that you are going to be delighted with her information. She shows us the best way to select them for longevity.

She also shows us how to hydrate them, cut them and of course, stop them drooping. Click Play above to view now ^

Find out how to trigger your Orchids to re-bloom here.

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