Tulips are one of the most spectacular flowers and their color and curvature is gorgeous. Today we show you how to stop your Tulips drooping and also how to extend them for the longest time possible.

Tulips are incredibly cheery and can transform a favorite space in your place instantly. One of the biggest issues though is that they can droop literally overnight, leaving them looking rather sad.

Did you know that Tulips grow as much as their head every day? We were staggered to find this out. It seems the sheer weight and curvature of their stems are the cause of the drooping.

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Colors And Varieties Of Tulips

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Before we share the tips to stopping your Tulips from drooping, we thought you would like to know the meanings of different colored Tulips.

We found this chart on Love Lives On. They specialize in memory ceremonies and we found the information to be very interesting.

Did you know that yellow signifies cheerfulness and happiness and white signifies heaven, newness, or purity?

The red tulip is for deep love and purple is long associated with Royalty. Pink represents caring and affection and variegated Tulips mean ‘you have beautiful eyes’.

Tip #1 Stop Tulips Drooping With Vodka

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The first tip that we are sharing with you is not something we have personally tried but there is a level of feedback suggesting it works.

The idea involves using 1 part Vodka, to 7 parts water. Vodka is amongst the purest of alcohol and has many uses.

According to Cornell University, Vodka acts as a growth retardant for the leaves and stems. This technique does not affect the flowers.

This is a great solution given that the stems are what cause the curvature.

Tip #2 Stop Tulips Drooping With A Penny

via Melissa, The Happier Homemaker

According To Melissa of The Happier Homemaker, she adds a Penny (prior to 1981) to her vase. We’re not sure whether it’s an old wives’ tale or not, but she says it works.

Apparently it has something to do with the nutrients from the copper which makes sense. Today’s pennies don’t have enough copper in them. Another tip is to use a wide-mouthed vase to support your tulips.

Tip #3 Stop Tulips Drooping With Pins

via So Neaty 

According to Youtuber So Neaty her friend shared a trick that involves piercing the base of the tulip flower head with a pin.

This apparently makes the water rise to the flower. As a result, it increases their hydration and they stand up.

She tried this tip and had success. Again, it’s just a suggestion and another one to try.

How To Stop Tulips Drooping Video Tutorial

via Leanne Kessler, The Floral Design Institute

Leanne Kessler from The Floral Design Institute is here to show us how to care for Tulips. Her tips and tricks really impressed us and we know that you are going to be delighted with her information. She shows us the best way to select them for longevity.

She also shares how to hydrate them, cut them and of course, stop them drooping. Click Play above to view now ^

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