Tuesday 16 October 2018


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Homemade 3 Ingredient Fabric Refresher Spray Recipe

If you are addicted to Febreze Fabric Refresher as we are, you'll be excited to find out that you can make your own non-toxic version at home. We have the 3 ingredient recipe and a video tutorial to show you how. You can spray it around to your heart's content, without adding nasty chemicals to your environment.

50 Uses For Baking Soda You Don’t Know

We have an excellent infographic outlining 50 unique uses for baking soda plus some excellent cleaning recipes and a secret hack for a grout cleaner and splinter removal. You won't want to miss these handy tricks.

A Bakers Guide To Picking The Best Apples For Recipes

Knowing your Apples is critical if you want to achieve the very best results in your Cooking and Baking. We have an Infographic that outlines what to use for sauces, pies, pickling and even snacking. If you are an avid Apple eater, you won't want to miss this great information.

Miracle Whitener Laundry Stain Remover

Have your pillows seen better days? Night sweats and sickness can cause them to yellow but before you throw them out, you will love this cleaning trick that will result in them looking better than brand new.. We've included an amazing tennis ball drying trick too that ensures perfectly plump pillows.

How To Make Toilet Cleaning Fizzies The Easy Way

Learn how to clean your Loo like a Pro. Our post includes the amazing Toilet Cleaning Bombs plus an excellent trick on how to lose the stinky urine smell. We also show you how to make your own toilet spray that traps the odors. Don't miss this excellent post.

The Quickest And Safest Way To Defrost Your Meat

If you forget to take the meat out of the freezer, today you will learn the quick thaw method that is the safest way and does not use a microwave. This is approved by Americas Test Kitchen and the FDA and it's very simple. View details now.

Learn The Amazing Blue Rain Window Cleaning Method

Learn the trick that the Pro's in the know use! Known as the Blue Rain Window Cleaning Method it results in sparkling windows that last up to 6 months. You will save time and money and you are going to love the results.

How To Fix A Broken Or Separated Zipper Quickly & Easil...

Now you can save your favorite items without replacing the zipper. This clever hack will get your zips back on track and save you time and money. There's a reason that this video has had more than 4 million views. Find out the simple fix now and let your friends know too!

How To Iron Shirt In 90 Seconds Flat

If ironing shirts whether it be male or female, is the bane of your existence, today you will be thrilled to learn the 90 second version. Jim Moore of GQ Magazine shows us how to get the Pro Results that we have dreamed of with no train tracks down the sleeves or dodgy collars. Watch the quick video now.

The Best Cookie Sheet DIY Grease Cutter That Works

We have just found a brand new way to clean your Cookie Sheets and you are not going to believe what the item is that you use. This is the first time we have seen this way and you will be blown away. Learn this clever hack now and check out the Pinnable Chart that has 15 Chocolate Chip Mix In Combos. You won't want to miss these ideas!

How To Create Adorable Buttercream Flowers

The easiest way to jazz up a plain jane cake is with buttercream flowers and they are super simple when you know how. Yolanda is here to show you 10 beautiful techniques in her quick video and you will find them easy to recreate. We also have some fabulous Pinnable Charts.

5 Things We All Get Wrong With Our Crock Pots

If you love to cook in your crock pot, this is a must read post. Today we share with you 5 tips that will change the way you use your slow cooker forever! Find out how long you extend your cooking time when you open the lid for even one second. The answer is gobsmacking! Learn the 5 common mistakes now!

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