Our informative tips and tricks will save you time around the house. Learn amazing DIY recipes and life hacks that will save time and make your life easier.

If you have ever been stuck wondering what necklace is right for your neckline, you are not alone! It's a common issue. We've rounded up cheat sheets that you can refer to plus a quick video tutorial too. Don't miss this great post.
This simple test using a jar and some water can help you identify the type of soil in your yard. We've also included some great ways to fertilize your garden, depending on what it needs and the types of plants you'd like to grow. Your garden will be blooming beautiful in no time!
95% of Fleas are not on your Pet, that means they are lurking out in your home and doing you damage. Would you like to know how to get rid of them safely using natural ingredients? We've got all the info, remedies and recipes you'll need. Read about strategies that readers rave about and watch the video that has lots of great tips from a Vet.
If your cast iron pots and pans are looking worse for wear, you are going to love these tricks that are used by the Professionals. Check out the Salt Scrub and watch Martha Stewart share her tips and tricks. You won't want to miss this post.
You will be amazed at all the different Coconut Oil Uses that there are and we have found all the most popular that you won't want to miss. See how you can use it for cleaning, cooking, losing weight and for beauty. You will be blown away by what you learn. Don't miss this informative post.
Epsom Salt is the secret to a thriving garden and big, beautiful roses. We have all the tips and tricks that you won't want to miss plus other handy uses for your yard. This is a must post for the keen gardener!
You will not believe what you can do with those Banana Peels and we've included 20 of the best tips and tricks plus infographics that show you all the amazing benefits. Check out the 3 Ingredient Banana Botox too and take years off your complexion naturally .. it totally works!
Learn how to wash and preserve the shape of your Hats and Caps. You will love these easy techniques and we have a video tutorial to show you how. Learn how to restore them to new in your dishwasher too. Don't miss this!
You won't believe what's hanging out in your hair! Harmful chemicals and toxins build up and can cause untold damage. We have a 2 ingredient recipe that will strip it all out, retain your natural oils and leave you feeling light as a feather and clean as a whistle. Use this process reguarly and you won't believe how much better you feel.
Valentines Day is here and if you are in receipt of a bunch of roses you are going to want to know how to preserve them for as long as possible. We show you how PLUS how to keep other flowers looking their tippy top best. Check out the Pro Tips now that will work for those that grow their own roses too.
Learn how to clean your Loo like a Pro. Our post includes the amazing Toilet Cleaning Bombs plus an excellent trick on how to lose the stinky urine smell. We also show you how to make your own toilet spray that traps the odors. Don't miss this excellent post.
Cream of Tartar has so many amazing uses and we have 10 of the best ideas including repelling ants. There are amazing tips for baking and cleaning and you will love them. We have included a pinnable chart too. Click the link now!

Must Read

Must Read

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