The Top 10 Easiest Flowers To Grow At Home

Having a blooming beautiful garden just got a whole lot easier. Learn the 10 easiest flowers to grow now!

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We love flowers, especially when they are dotted throughout our garden. Today we are sharing the Top 10 easiest flowers to grow plus tips on how to tend them.

There are plenty of pretty flowers that can grow in rocky soil, thrive in partial shade, and grow with very little care and attention. You just need to learn what they are! Our post takes all the guesswork out. It will also assist you to make better purchases for your garden.

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Top 10 Easiest Flowers To Grow

Infographic via Thompson & Morgan

This excellent infographic features the best flower varieties to grow for beginners and even the kids can get in on the act! They are perfect if you are a low-maintenance gardener.

We’ve highlighted a number of different flowers for your consideration. We have also included some recommendations for rocky or poor soils. You’ll also discover some edible flowers too.

Easy To Grow Sun Loving Flowers

Sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to grow, and a perfect garden project for kids. They grow really fast, and can reach a height of up to 14 feet, sometimes more!

Sunflowers need a good, sunny spot, and plenty of support to hold them up as they grow. Trellises are a great option.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas not only look wonderful but will have your garden smelling like a dream too!

They need plenty of sunlight and a little bit of support to get them growing straight up or over a trellis.

Be sure to water regularly and keep the seedlings safe from mice and other critters.

Best Perrenials To Grow

The Aquilegias are a great choice because they are perennials. Unlike annuals, perennials grow back each year. You start them in small pots and transplant them once they’ve grown a bit.

This beautiful flower also comes in a range of gorgeous colors.


Another favorite is Marigolds. They look superb in gardens and their lively color makes them a great choice. They grow fast and can be bought in taller or shorter varieties. You will need to put them in some quality, healthy soil and be sure they get plenty of sunlight.

Easiest Flowers To Grow From Seed

The Pansy is a flower that is sure to brighten up any space. These tiny flowers whilst delicate, are surprisingly hardy. They are also easy to grow from seed.

Nigella is another great choice for beginners because it does most of its growing unassisted. You simply scatter the seeds and watch them sprout! If you sow them multiple times throughout the summer, you’ll have lovely blooms every month.

Easiest Flowers For Poor Soil

The Eschscholzia is amazing in dry, tough soils. They do need full sunlight but are a great way to perk up your garden. They are easy to grow and don’t need a lot of care either.

Cranesbill (Hardy Geraniums) is perfect for anyone who loves a pretty garden without the associated work. They are extremely hardy and can even grow in partial shade.

They make a lovely ground cover too and there are plenty of stunning colors to choose from.

Easiest Edible Flowers To Grow

Fuschias look as pretty as they sound! They can be grown well in pots or hanging baskets and are very versatile. You can choose from trailing plants, upright varieties, or even climbing vines. You can even eat their berries!

Nasturtiums are perfect for those who hate to wait! They grow quickly, making them ideal for borders. They’ll thrive in poor soil and can even be eaten as a garnish on salads!

How To Grow More Flowers Video

via Garden tips

In this video from Garden Tips, you will learn how to get up to 500% more blooms in your garden. That’s a lot of bright and beautiful flowers!

These tips work for any kind of flower, including the ones from the above list. For all the information, click Play above ^

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