Monday 22 October 2018


“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy craft supplies and that’s pretty close” …

Learn How To Make A Plastic Spoon Candle Holder

Learn how to make a gorgeous plastic spoon candle holder with this quick and easy to follow video tutorial. We know that you are going to love the results and they will be the talk of your table. Check out this cute craft idea now.

Beautiful Knitted Bunny Rabbit Free Patterns To Make

You will love these knitted bunny rabbit pattern ideas and we have included plenty of free patterns for you to try too. You'll love the plushies, bunny from the square plus all the other adorable versions. Check them all out now.

Unisex Knitted & Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

It's easy to see why these Slipper Boots have been one of our most popular ever! They are Unisex and available in Knitted and Crochet Free Patterns. Check them out now!

String Nail Art Patterns Pinterest Best

Learn how to make stunning String Art projects you'll love! Our post includes the cutest projects and we have a video tutorial that includes a beginner butterfly DIY. Check out the amazing ideas now and start making your creations!

Knitted Hooded Scarf Pattern Ideas You Will Love

This Knitted Cowl Sweater Shrug Wrap looks fantastic and will make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. It's a FREE Pattern that you'll love. Check out the Knitted Cable Boots too.

Wash Cloth Puppies Quick Video Tutorial

These super cute Wash Cloth Puppies are so easy to make and we have a very quick video tutorial to show you how. They make great gifts or favors and you will love learning how to recreate them. Check out the ideas now.

Beautiful Baby Shower Ideas To Try

You'll love these super cute Baby Shower Ideas that include food, party favors and even some gifts for Daddy. These are all the top Pinterest pins and you won't want to miss them. Watch the Teddy Bear Washcloth video and check out the Hershey Prams too!

You’ll Love To Make A Super Cute Pom Pom Rug

Learn how to make gorgeous Pom Pom Rugs including sheep, hearts, circles, squares, teddy bears and more. Our post shows you how to make Pom Poms too! You will love this gorgeous collection plus we have a quick video too.

How To Make Gorgeous Bath Bombs For Gifts

Bath Bombs are great but they can be a bit on the expensive side. Now you can learn to make your own at home with this easy DIY recipe. They fizz up BIG TIME the minute you drop them in your bath and you can make them in all the prettiest colors. They would make gorgeous gifts for the holidays too. See how now.

The Most Adorable Knit Baby Doll Patterns

These Knit Baby Doll Patterns By Amy Gaines have been hugely popular and it's very easy to see why. You will love whipping them up and they really are the sweetest ever. They make an adorable gift too. Check them out now.

Knitted Bunny From A Square Pattern Video

If you can knit a single square, you will be able to make these adorable bunnies. In fact, you could use fabric and even a crochet square for this project too. We've included a Video tutorial that shows you just how easy this cutie is to make. You will love this easy project.

Mrs Bunny Rabbit Tea Cosy Is The Sweetest Free Pattern

If you are a tea drinker and a knitter, today you will be thrilled to discover this super popular Mrs Bunny Rabbit Tea Cosy and it's a fabulous free pattern. Everyone is loving her and she is waiting to join you in the kitchen. Grab the details now.

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