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We fell in love with these stunning Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns from Daisy Gray Knits and we know you will too!

Whether you have a new bundle on the way, or know someone who does, these patterns are the perfect projects. They’re easy to follow too. Browse the collection now and Pin your favorites.

Easy Weave Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

via DaisyGrayKnits

Daisy Gray Knits on Etsy makes all sorts of beautiful hand-knitted items, knitting kits and of course the lovely patterns we’re sharing today.

Located in Wakefield, UK, owner Julia makes certain all items and patterns are made to very high standards. Her patterns are easy to follow and make beautiful blankets.

This pattern uses a simple knit and purl stitch combination to make a lovely basket weave pattern. It’s a classic design that any new parents are sure to love.

Ladder Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

This pattern has a nice ladder stitch and is one of the simplest patterns to follow. It’s a perfect project to do over a long weekend, and easy enough to knit while watching a show.

The finished blanket looks gorgeous and is another great one to have on hand for warmer weather.

Checks Baby Blanket

via DaisyGrayKnits

This blanket pattern looks so pretty and perfect but is very simple to make. Using knit and purl stitches only, it’s another great pattern for beginners to follow.

The finished size is 22×33 inches (56x84cm) and the close-knit stitches make it an extra warm blanket.

Broken Cables Baby Blanket

via DaisyGrayKnits

This cute pattern makes broken cables that almost look like tiny bows when finished.

Complete with an Irish Moss Stitch border, this blanket is definitely a more advanced pattern, but looks incredible when finished!

Sea Shells Baby Blanket Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

This beautiful pattern makes a pretty shell design throughout using simple stitches. With a finished size of 24×34 inches (60x86cm), it also has instructions for making a larger version.

It looks beautiful knit in a soft double knitting yarn, and has a lightweight feel.

Waffle Stitch Baby Blanket

via DaisyGrayKnits

The waffle stitch blanket is another warm and soft blanket, perfect for colder months. The finished blanket is 20×34 inches, but the pattern includes instructions for making the blanket as large as you’d like.

This pattern also uses only knit and purl stitches, so it’s great for beginner knitters too.

Bobble Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

The Bobble stitch always makes a beautiful blanket, and this one has a lovely border to boot. The bobble stitches give this blanket a lightweight feel for warmer days, with the cozy look of a warmer blanket.

As with some of the other blanket patterns, this one has instructions for making it as large or small as you’d like.

In The Garden Baby Blanket

via DaisyGrayKnits

This lovely blanket has a beautiful cable stitch that gives it an almost chevron-look. The cable is surprisingly simple to make though and makes the blanket a whole lot thicker and cozier.

With a finished size of 20×30 inches (50x76cm), this blanket also has instructions for making it larger.

Diamond Pattern Baby Blanket

via DiasyGrayKnits

This beautiful diamond pattern makes for a classic looking baby blanket that would make a lovely heirloom.

It’s a medium weight blanket, just right for cooler weather and is soft to the touch using a good DK weight yarn.

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

This gorgeous blanket is made up of elegant shell stitches that make it a perfect year-round blanket to have. It’s a bigger version at 23×33 inches (59x84cm) and can be fitted to a crib or even toddler bed.

You’ll need 5.5mm knitting needles that are at least 40cm long to make this pattern and about 200 grams of some soft yarn.

Basketweave Baby Blanket Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

This basketweave baby blanket knitting pattern can be made in a variety of sizes too. There are smaller security or cuddle blankets, stroller, and pram sizes, and even a full-size crib blanket.

This is truly gorgeous and will make a wonderful gift for a little one.

Aran Cable Knit Baby Blanket

via DaisyGrayKnits

This stunner is made using a simple cable stitch with a cable needle. The result is like a warm sweater to wrap baby up in.

The finished blanket is 24x36inches (60x91cm) and requires about 300g of some nice soft baby yarn.

Moss Stitch Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

via DaisyGrayKnits

This delicate Moss Stitch blanket looks so pretty sitting on the side of a crib or wrapped around baby in the stroller.

The moss stitch is made up of simple knit and purl stitches, making it an easy pattern for even beginners to follow.

You’ll need 5.5mm knitting needles that are at least 40cm long and about 220 grams of soft baby yarn.

Shapes Baby Blanket Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

Although this Shapes Baby Blanket is an intermediate pattern, it’s a simple repeating pattern that consists of 12 rows.

The result is a very nice geometric type shape pattern that looks like a boutique-quality blanket. The finished size is 26×28 inches (66x71cm), but it can be adjusted to make any size blanket you’d like.

Cable And Garter Stitch Blanket

via DaisyGrayKnits

This blanket uses a combination of cables and the garter stitch for a beautiful raised pattern effect. It’s very comfy and soft and extra warm too.

The finished size is 20×30 inches (50x76cm), and you’ll need to know how to make cables using cable needles to make this pattern.

Hearts Baby Blanket Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

An easy to follow knitting pattern, you’ll use crossed and slipped stitches to make a dainty heart design all over this blanket.

It’s a perfect way to show your love for a little one, and it’s nice and lightweight too. This blanket pattern comes with instructions for a finished size of 21×32 inches (53x81cm).

Rectangles Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

via DaisyGrayKnits

Perfect for a beginner, this pattern uses only knit and purl stitches in simple rows. It’s fun to make once you have the pattern down and can easily be resized too.

The approximate finished size is 37×26 inches (94x66cm) and it is finished with a simple knit border.

Want More Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns?

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