The Easiest Ruffled Rag Blanket

If you can sew a straight line, you can make this incredibly gorgeous Baby Ruffle Rag Quilt and it makes the most perfect gift. Be sure to watch the video tutorial too.

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how to make a baby rag blanket

Are you one of many that would love to learn how to make a baby rag blanket? Today you are in luck as we are sharing an easy-to-follow video tutorial that is beginner-friendly.

You will be excited to find that if you can sew a straight line, you can make this quilt. There are many on Etsy and they are big sellers. They look super cute in a baby crib and it’s the perfect project for all your leftover fabric.

how to make a baby rag blanket

via Beverly’s

How To Make A Rag Quilt Infographic

via Beverly’s

Before we share the video tutorial with you, we thought you would appreciate this excellent infographic from Beverly’s. It shows you how to make your Rag Quilt in 9 easy steps.

How To Make A Baby Rag Blanket Video

via Beverly’s

We have included a helpful video tutorial that will step you through the process of making your own baby rag quilt at home.

You’ll learn the basics and how to piece your quilt together. You can also make Puppies and Teddies once you know how. To view, click Play above ^

via Can I Teach My Child

How To Make Baby Rag Quilt Tutorial

via I Can Teach My Child

This gorgeous patchwork Ruffle Rag Quilt is from I Can Teach My Child and it really will be a treasured piece that will be passed through the generations.

We adore the colors and it has a wonderfully soft feel. It has the perfect combination of patterns and plains. You can find the tutorial here.

via Infarrantly Creative

Open Seam Ruffled Edge Quilt

via Infarrantly Creative

Don’t you just love the open seam ruffled edges and frayed style of this stunning creation? This one is from Infarrantly Creative and you can find the tutorial here.

Rag Quilt Size Guide

via Fairfield Home

Rag Rug Quilt Chart

via Fairfield Home

We have included this helpful Rag Rug Quilt Chart that shows you the various sizing. You can make your quilt in baby, twin, throw, queen and king.

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