Baby Rag Quilt With Easy Video Tutorial

If you can sew a straight line, you can make this incredibly gorgeous Baby Ruffle Rag Quilt and it makes the most perfect gift. Be sure to watch the video tutorial too.

Rag Qulit

Are you one of many that looks adoringly at those gorgeous Baby Rag Quilts and wishes you could make one?

We certainly feel that way! You may also feel that a piece so beautiful is beyond your capabilities. You will be excited to find that if you can sew a straight line, you can make this quilt. There are also many on Etsy. We found a shop that has amazing baby sets and even car canopies. Be sure to check out the range.

How To Make A Baby Rag Quilt Video

We have included a helpful video tutorial that will step you through the process of making your own rag quilt at home.

You will be shown how to piece it together and once you learn the basics, you can even make shapes like Puppies and Teddies. Click Play above to watch now ^

Baby Rag Quilt

This gorgeous patchwork Ruffle Rag Quilt is from I Can Teach My Child and it really will be a treasured piece that will be passed through the generations.

We adore the colors that have been pieced together. It has a wonderful soft feel with just the right amount of patterns and plains. You can find the tutorial here.

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Don’t you just love the open seam ruffled edges and the frayed style of this stunning creation. It has quite a vintage look and feel. Th is another great example from ‘Infarrantly Creative’

Rag Quilt Size Guide

We have included this helpful Rag Rug Quilt Chart that shows you the various sizing. You can make your quilt in baby, twin, throw, queen and king. We found this on Fairfield Home.

Be sure to check out the Denim Rag Quilt too. You can see it here.

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  1. My first rag quilt. If I want the back to be all one color, do I divide the total number of squares in half, and cut that many of that color and then divide the balance by the number of the other colors for the top?

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