We are featuring some of the cutest baby blankets that we have ever seen and they have an adorable toy attached to them. View now.

The minute we spied these toy blanket knitting pattern ideas we knew we had to share! These unique designs have taken the knitting community by storm and it’s very easy to see why!

We’ve rounded up a collection of our favorites and there’s something for everyone. Be sure to scroll our page all the way to the end so you don’t miss a single idea. For those that would prefer crochet patterns, you can check out our post here.

Baby Doll Toy Blanket Knitting Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

We’re kicking our collection off with this super cute baby doll toy blanket. It comes to us from clever Creator Deniza17 on Etsy.

Her ideas are truly unique and this Baby Doll toy blanket is another stunner that needs to be added to your must-make list.

Sheep Baby Blanket Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

This Sheep Baby Blanket is another that has been very well received by knitters and don’t you love those long ears?

Your little one will be snug as a bug in a rug when they cuddle up with this soft and squishy blankie. They are perfect for separation anxiety too!

Bunny Baby Blanket Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

This bunny blanket is another favorite and what we love most about these Knitted Toy Blankets is the fact that the arms of the toys wrap around your baby like a hug.

It gives them plenty of reassurance and will soothe your bubs no end.

Dog Toy Blanket Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

This Dog Toy Baby Blanket has an oversized nose that is a focal point of his face. All of these patterns come with detailed written instructions and the reviews are glowing with many commenting that the patterns are very easy to follow.

Blue Puppy Dog Toy Blanket

via Deniza17, Etsy.

The toy blankets are knitted in the round and the Creator suggests that they are best suited for advanced beginners.

via Deniza17, Etsy.

Unicorn Toy Knitting Blanket Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

This adorable Unicorn Toy Blanket is one of the latest and most popular designs in the collection. It’s a definite must-make so be sure to add it to your project queue.

Donkey Toy Blanket Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

For those of you that don’t knit and would still like to own one of these gorgeous creations, Denzi has said that you can email her and she will make you one up in your choice.

Monkey Toy Blanket Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

As you can see from those featured above, there are many toy baby blanket patterns to choose from.

There is also a handy 20% discount offered when you buy in bulk. Use coupon code MORETHAN2020OFF on Deniza17’s pattern purchases to receive your discount.

Toy Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

The Patterns are available as an Instant Download from Denzi’s Etsy Shop. While you’re there, be sure that you check out all the other ideas too.

Lion Toy Knitting Blanket Pattern

via Deniza17, Etsy.

While you are visiting Denzi’s Etsy Store, view the gorgeous matching Floor Rug Knitted Patterns that she has available too. They are another fabulous pattern that you will love.

via Wool Affair 

Sheep Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

via Wool Affair

This Knitted Sheep blanket is a unique design from Wool Affair on Etsy. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift this would make for a newborn. This is truly an heirloom that will be passed through the generations.

via Deniza17, Etsy.

via Deniza17, Etsy.

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