Are you on the hunt for Baby Washcloth Gifts? We have put together a fabulous collection you will love. Check them all out now.

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We’re excited to share another great Etsy Shop with you today and one of our personal favorites. We are talking about Topsy Turvy Diaper Cakes and to say they are amazing is an understatement.

You only need to look at the reviews on their site! Renee Swartz is the creative genius behind the Shop.

Wash Cloth Giraffe

via Topsy Turvy Creations

Wash Cloth Bunnies

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Crochet Puppy Dogs Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Wash Cloth Monkey

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Today we are featuring our favorite picks from her Baby Washcloth Gifts Range. There really is something for everyone.

This Wash Cloth Monkey is a favorite and with his cheeky smile, who could resist him?

Wash Cloth Hippos

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Topsy Turvey Diaper Cakes specializes in affordable online Baby Wash Cloth video tutorials. These Wash Cloth Hippos are another great example of what you can make.

Wash Cloth Elephants

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

These Elephant Wash Cloths are amongst their most popular and they look great when added to a Diaper Cake too.

Wash Cloth Snails

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Baby Washcloths are ideal for Showers and there are just so many different ways to present them. What about this Snail version?

Bee Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations

Wash Cloth Flowers

via Topsy Turvy Creations

Flowers are another cute idea and we love the patterned version especially! They look great in multi-colors too. This would be a gift idea that anyone would be happy to receive.

Teddy Bear Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations

Wash Cloth Tulips

via Topsy Turvy Creations

Ice Cream Waffle Cones Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Wash Cloth Caterpillars

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Here’s something to test your skills out on. These Hungry Caterpillar Baby Washcloths are too cute!

Wash Cloth Ladybugs

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Wash Cloth Flower Bouquet

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Dinosaur Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Frog Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Owl Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Get The Tutorial Here 

Baby Dinosaur Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Koala And Panda Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Lollipop Wash Cloths

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Get The Tutorial Here 

Baby Washcloth Tutorials

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Turtle Wash Cloth Tutorial

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Wash Cloth Cupcakes

via Topsy Turvy Creations 

Baby Washcloth Idea via Topsy Turvy Creations


You can check out the whole collection here

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