Gorgeous Butterfly Knit Stitch Blanket Free Pattern

You will love learning how to create this stunning Butterfly Knit Stitch and we have a number of free patterns to whip up. Be sure to watch the video tutorial too.

We fell in love with this Butterfly Knit Stitch Blanket and we knew our community would too. It has a wonderful textured feel, much like the Entrelac Baby Blanket we shared.

Today we are sharing some free patterns with you that would make perfect homemade gifts for a newborn or gorgeous accessory.

How To Knit Butterfly Stitch Video

Before we share the butterfly stitch blanket free patterns, we thought you might like to see a video tutorial.

We are including this one from Studio Knit. It has an excellent explanation and will step you through. Click Play above to view ^

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As you can see by the photo above from the Ravelry Gallery, the intricate detail is simply stunning. We have listed the basics of the pattern details below.

Butterfly Knit Stitch Gauge

In Butterfly st, 20 sts and 24 rows = 4”/10cm
In Garter st, 20 sts and 30 rows = 4”/10cm

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You can achieve all sorts of effects by simply being creative with your yarn colors. We love this one from the Ravelry Project Gallery. It is certainly striking and will bring any space to life.

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The Stitches used in this pattern are as follows.

Garter stitch: Knit every row. Butterfly Stitch (mult of 10 + 9) Rows 1, 3, 5 & 7 (RS): With B, k2, *wyif sl 5 sts, k5; rep from * across, ending sl 5, k2. Row 2 and all even rows: Purl. Row 9: Change to next color. k4, *insert RH needle through the 4 strands from below, then k next st bringing the k st through the loops, k 9; rep from *, ending last rep k4.

Over on Yarn Inspirations, we adore this combination and it’s easy to see why this butterfly stitch blanket has been so popular.

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This Butterfly Stitch Knit Blanket Free Pattern looks wonderful in a single color like this also. You can see the detail clearly. It’s almost like a honeycomb texture.

via studio knit

The featured video further up our post was from Studio Knit and they have an excellent website that includes the pattern and tutorial for Butterfly Stitch and many others.

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