How To Make Super Cute Button Bowls And Trays

Button Bowls look fabulous and they are so easy. It’s the perfect use for all those left over buttons and the results are stunning! Watch the quick video tutorial now.

Pull out your button collection, we’ve found a fabulous diy you’ll love to try. Who would have thought that you could turn a balloon and buttons into a gorgeous bowl.

It’s a very easy project that uses Mod Podge. This is a craft glue that dries clear. This Button Bowl will look gorgeous in your home you can make it an assortment of different ways.

How To Make A Button Bowl Video

We have included this quick and easy to follow video from Hometalk. Be sure that you watch so that you can see the steps.

You need to follow to the letter otherwise you could end up with a collapsed mess. We have also included what you will need below. You can check out the details after you have watched the video. Click Play above to view now ^

Button Tray via Joanne

Button Bowl Materials Needed

  • Flat buttons of any size and color
  • Balloon
  • Mod Podge
  • Elmers Glue
  • Large paint brush
  • Roll of Painters Tape
  • Pins
  • Cup to balance balloon while it dries

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As you can see from the photos above, the finished results are nothing short of gorgeous. Once you learn how to make bowls, you can practice on other shapes too. You can find the full instructions for this project on Hometalk. 

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