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Button Bowls And Trays Super Easy Video

Button Bowls look fabulous and they are so easy. It’s the perfect use for all those left over buttons and the results are stunning!

Button Bowl and Tray Tutorial

Pull out your button collection, we’ve found a wonderful diy you’ll love to try! Who would have thought that a Balloon and Buttons could become a bowl!

As you can see, it’s a very easy project. You use Mod Podge for this project which is a craft glue that dries clear.

This Button Bowl will look gorgeous in your home you can make it an assortment of different ways! We’ve also included a Button Tree Canvas for you to try. Scroll our page and Pin your favorites.

How to make a Button Bowl

Button Bowl Items You’ll Need

  • Flat buttons of any size and color
  • Balloons
  • White glue that dries clear – Elmers or School Glue
  • Large paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper
  • Cup to balance balloon while it dries

How To Make A Button Bowl Video

We have included a Button Bowl Video Tutorial that will step you through the process. To watch, click Play above ⇑

Button Bowl

Button Bowl Instructions 

Step 1: Blow up and tie a balloon. Place the balloon, knot first, into a cup. 

Step 2: Cover half of your balloon with an even coat of glue. Let the glue dry completely. Be sure that you use a clear drying glue such as Elmer’s or School Glue.

How to make Button Bowls

Button Balls (Top Image) via Kristentool and Pinspiration Project

Step 3: Add a second coat of glue all the way down to the knot this time. Attach buttons on this layer, halfway down the balloon, as close as you can to each other. Now’s the time to let it dry which usually takes somewhere in the 4-5 hours range.

Step 4: Add another layer of glue over top of the buttons and let it dry. It should dry clear.

Step 5: Using scissors, cut the knot off the balloon to let the air out. Next, remove the balloon and cut off any glue bits from the button edge that you don’t want.
We have found you a great video tutorial that steps you through the process above. Simply hit the play button to view. 

4 Seasons Button Wall Art  via Amanda’s Crafts’

Button Bowl and Tray Tutorial

Button Tray via Joanne

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