Cherry Blossom Painting With Soda Bottle

Do you have a spare Plastic Soda Bottle? You are going to love this Cherry Blossom Painting technique and it couldn’t be easier …

Look at the beautiful effects you can get from paint and a plastic soda bottle. It’s called Cherry Blossom Painting and it’s a wonderful project the whole family can enjoy.

You can do this on paper or canvas and you can even frame it. This is an all ages craft you’ll love and you can hang the finished product in a favorite space at your place. You will love the gorgeous effect.

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You can even make several panels to create a sectional scene. We have included a short video tutorial for you further down our post.

We suggest that you view it prior to your project so you can see the helpful tips and tricks. We have also included a second video that teaches you how to create Cherry Blossom’s freestyle. This is a great tutorial and you won’t believe the amazing effects you can create. We were stunned and you will be too!

What you need for Cherry Blossom Painting -:

  1. 5 Point Base Plastic Soda Bottle
  2. Canvas or chosen material
  3. Pink and Red Acrylic Paint
  4. Dark Paint for Branches
  5. Paper Plate
  6. Paint Brush

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Cherry Blossom Painting via Alpha Mom 

As you can see from the picture above you need to ensure that the base of your soda bottle is well covered with paint and is a 5 pointer so that you can create the petal effect.

You might want to do some test stamping on some paper prior to working on your canvas or the material of choice.

Cherry Blossom Painting Video Tutorial

Here is the first video that shows you how to use the Plastic Bottle to create the Cherry Blossoms. Continue scrolling to see how to make them freestyle. Click Play above to view ^

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Cherry Blossom Painting via Alpha Mom 

Start by painting the branches on your canvas using the dark paint. It’s not important to be perfect, just follow the photos for a guide. Next, mix your pink and white paint on your paper plate until you have created a pink paint.

Now you will dip the base of your Plastic Soda Bottle into the paint ensuring it is covered nicely and then it’s time to stamp. Use your paint brush to fill the petals in if you don’t  get the desired effect.

Learn how to paint Cherry Blossom’s freestyle, step by step with this excellent video. You won’t believe how easy they are to create. Click play above to view now ^

This awesome craft is from Alpha Mom which is an excellent online Pregnancy and Resource Site. They have fabulous projects like this. Visit their site now for more great ideas. You’ll love what you see.

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