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Knitted Chicken Sweaters Free Patterns

You’ll go clucky for these fabulous Knitted Chicken Sweaters Free Patterns and they are seriously cute! Check them out now …

Knitted Chicken Sweaters Free Pattern

Your backyard Chooks will look so good in these adorable Knitted Chicken Sweaters and they’d make fun Photo Props!

These Patterns were used to keep rehabilitated Chickens warm while they were growing back their feathers.

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Knitted Chicken Sweaters Free Pattern

Scroll our page to see the Free Knitted Pattern. We’ve also included an easy PVC Chicken Feeder and a Crochet Egg Gatherer Apron for you to check out. Check out all the ideas and Pin your favorites.

This handy Chicken Sweater Free Knitted Pattern was sent to us after a member of our Community found it on Facebook.

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Chicken Sweater Free Knitted Pattern

It was hugely popular and went viral. We have linked to the Forum where they were found, be sure to get some pics! “Getting measured up for his Knitted Jumper, this cutie looks like he’s pleased with the fit. It’s time to have a strut!”

Chicken Sweater Free Pattern

“He’s got the Chicken Dance down pat – check out those moves!”

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Knitted Hen Sweaters Free Pattern

Chicken Sweaters Knitted Free Patterns

Need Yarn for your project? Get the best prices on all your requirements in the Bargain Yarn Bin —> here

Chicken Sweaters Free Knitted Pattern

Chicken Sweaters Knitted Free Patterns

Crochet Egg Apron

egg apron —> get free pattern

Here’s another fabulous idea, we love this Egg Gatherer Apron. This is a crochet version and it’s a fabulous free pattern.

Knitted Chicken Sweater

get pattern —> Knitted Chicken Sweaters for Battery Hens

Here’s one of the recipients in his Knitted Sweater at Lee Valley Park Farms. The hens arrived from the British Hen Welfare Trust and are recovering with the help of warm knitted jumpers, made by members of the public. This little guy arrived with 2 Meerkats and 23 Battery Hens.

Knitted Chicken Sweater

Knitted Chicken Sweaters via Telegraph Photo: WALES NEWS SERVICE

The Helping Hands knitting circle have been making jumpers for bald chickens across the country. Ann Duran, 55 took pity on Hens left featherless after being rescued from a battery farm.

She came up with eggs-actly the right answer to keep them warm hand-knitted tanktops. Ann said: “Some people think I am crazy but I didn’t like to think of chickens shivering through winter.

Knitted Chicken Sweater

“Enjoying a fashionable stroll around the chook pen”

Knitted Chicken Sweater

“Jane Blaine, of Eynsham said when a friend first asked her to knit jumpers for chickens she thought it was a joke!”

Chicken Sweaters

A mother and daughter in Cornwall, England, is knitting and selling sweaters for rescued battery hens, who spend most of their lives laying eggs in cramped cages. They’re donating proceeds to an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.

Cabled Chicken Sweater Free Knitted Pattern

get pattern —> Chicken Cabled Knitted Sweater Free Pattern

How would you like to make your feathered friend this PVC feeder? It’s such an awesome idea and you are going to want one at your property. Get tutorial —> PVC Chicken Feeder

PVC Chicken Feeder

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