How To Make Adorable Christmas Candy Cane Sleighs

These adorable Christmas Candy Cane Sleighs make the perfect gift for family and friends and they are super easy to make and look great. Watch the quick video tutorial now.

candy cane sleigh

The Holidays are just around the corner and if you are looking for easy and inexpensive gift ideas, these Candy Cane Sleighs are ideal.

They comprise layers of chocolate candy of your choice. You can use a Kit Kat as a base and you can personalize them in many different ways. You can top them with a bow and wrap with ribbon. You can even add a little Santa on the front.

How To Make Christmas Candy Cane Sleighs

We have included a helpful video tutorial to show you the simple steps. Hey That’s Holly is the creator behind the tutorial and she uses Kit Kats as the base for her Candy Cane Sleighs.

We highly recommend you view the video to see how to put them together. Click Play above to watch now ^

candy cane sleigh

Here’s another example of the Candy Cane Sleighs that we have found on Ellyn’s place. She has a full tutorial and printable instructions that you can find here.

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