How To Make Christmas Tree Napkins For Your Table

Add a festive touch to your Holiday Table with this adorable Christmas Tree Napkin. We have included all the steps to show you how. Watch the video tutorial now.

We’re excited to share the Christmas Tree napkin Fold Steps video from one of our favorite DIY Sites, Handimania.

They feature so many great ideas and this has to be one of the best we have seen. Today you will learn how to fold your Napkin and it’s very easy when you know how.

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Steps Video

Handimania have made a video tutorial that you can follow along with. You can even add a sweet little bow on the top of your Napkin.

Now you can take your celebrations to a whole new level with this creative idea. Click Play above to view now ^

christmas tree napkin fold steps

via Handimania

You can find the full details for this project on the Handimania Site and be sure that you subscribe to their youtube channel too. You can see how to make the mini bows with a fork here.

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