Chunky Knit Blanket DIY Tutorial Plus Video

We are in love with these Gigantic Chunky Knit Blankets and now you can learn the technique involved for making your very own …

They look so cozy and inviting and the texture on these Gigantic Chunky Knit Blankets is nothing short of stunning!

Well, the great news is that you can knit one yourself or buy one from the very popular Ohhio Etsy Shop. 

 Grande Punto Blanket via Ohhio

Anna’s blankets are a cut above. She takes special care to ensure that all of her blankets are made out of the finest materials and have a superior finish. She prides herself on her exceptional eye for detail and the results speak for themself.

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Chunky Knit Blanket By Ohhio Etsy Shop

They are super soft and this is due to them being made out of 100% Merino Wool. Every single stitch is around 3 inches large. This gives that wonderful super chunky stitch. You will love her Shop

Chunky Knit Blanket By Ohhio Etsy Shop

Apart from retailing these beautiful blankets in her Etsy Shop, Anna sells the 40mm Circular Needles and also the Merino Yarn can be purchased. She also has Blanket Kits for purchase.

Blanket Using 40mm Circular Needles Video

We have included a video that shows you how to recreate one of these gigantic chunky blankets using the 40mm Knitting Needles that are available from Ohhio. Click Play above to view ^

40mm Circular Knitting Needles via Ohhio

If you are ready to make your own Gigantic Chunky Knit Blanket, we suggest you get your knitting needles from Ohhio’s Etsy shop! They make knitting easy and your blanket stays on the handy circular part of the needles. You will love them!

40mm Circular Knitting Needles via Ohhio

You can buy your Chunky Blanket Knit Needles in 40mm or 30mm, depending on the yarn and how loose you’d like your stitches to be. Each will deliver a unique result.

 Grande Punto Blanket via Ohhio

You can also buy one of their complete blanket kits which comes with everything you’ll need to make a super chunky blanket!

Super Chunky Merino Wool via Ohhio

If you’re looking for some extra-soft, comfy yarn for your blanket, Ohhio also sells this gorgeous Merino Wool that goes perfectly with large needles. The yarn comes in 1kg balls, with 52 metres/2047 inches of length. It comes in a wide variety of colors.

Super Chunky Merino Wool via Ohhio

They have a handy guide showing how much yarn you would need for different sizes of blankets too. This will come in handy for other chunky yarns too. You can make many projects using this yarn.

Punto Grande Blanket via Ohhio

Chunky Knit Blanket Yarn Guide

  • 20×30 inches — 0.75 kg \ 1.65lbs
  • 24×32 inches — 1 kg \ 2.2lbs
  • 30×50 inches — 2 kg \ 4.4lbs
  • 34×48 inches — 2.2 kg \ 4.85lbs
  • 48×48 inches — 3 kg \ 6.6lbs
  • 40×60 inches — 3.1 kg \ 6.8lbs
  • 58×58 inches — 4 kg \ 8.8lbs
  • 55×70 inches — 5 kg \ 11lbs
  • 60×80 inches — 6 kg \ 13.2lbs
  • 76×80 inches — 7.8 kg \ 17.2lbs
  • 79×79 inches — 8 kg \ 17.6lbs

Chunky Knit Blanket via Ohhio

You can see more of Anna’s incredible products and projects by visiting the Ohhio Etsy Shop or by viewing the  Ohhio collection here which is full of products, ideas and more.

Chunky Knit Pattern Ideas via Ohhio

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