Add some personality to your home and garden with these adorable Clay Pot Toadstools. They are easy to make and look great. Be sure that you watch the video tutorial now.

Add some personality to your backyard with these cute Clay Pot Toadstools that are made using Pots and Saucers.

They are the perfect addition to your Fairy Garden and beautiful in garden beds too. The best part, they are very easy. You can get as creative as you like. One thing’s for sure, you’ll love the results.

via Birds and Blooms

DIY Terracotta Toadstools

via Birds And Blooms

We first discovered these Clay Pot Toadstools on Birds and Blooms but the tutorial has since been removed.

As you can see, they are easy to put together. All you need is a clay pot and a saucer and you can make them in any size that you like. The choice is yours.

Clay Pot Toadstools Video Tutorial

via Savvy

The good news is that we have found an excellent video tutorial from Savvy that show you how to whip up these Clay Pot Mushrooms.

We recommend that you view, this way you can be assured of the best possible result. To watch, click Play above ^

via mary Engelbreit

Dotty Mushrooms

You can group your Clay Pot Toadstools together in a corner and Pop them amongst the flowers and plants in your garden beds too.

We love this super cute idea from Mary Engelbreit.  She calls these her Dotty Mushrooms. As you can see rather than saucers for the heads, she has used bowls. This gives your Toadstool a lovely round head. Don’t you just love the shape?

via Patcatans

Here’s another adorable way to add some whimsy to your Clay Pot Toadstool. You can get as creative as you like. You are only limited by your imagination!

via Etsy 

Readymade Clay Pot Toadstools

via Etsy 

For those of you that would prefer to purchase readymade Clay Pot Toadstools, there is a wonderful shop on Etsy that we have come across in our travels. It has all sorts of great ideas like above. See The Collection Here

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