How To Clone Your Favorite Clothes

Do you have a favorite piece you would love to duplicate? Learn to create patterns and clone your existing clothes with this easy video tutorial. You’ll love the results.

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We all have those go-to pieces that we literally can’t get enough of. They are our old faithful favorites and we wish we had bought them in every single color. We certainly know how that feels.

Well now, rather than buy multiple colors when you purchase, why not create your own patterns from existing clothes. It’s like cloning your wardrobe and we love the idea!

Think of the money you will save and the fun you can have. You will be able to create your own custom pieces. Use items that aren’t too old.

Once you’ve created your pattern, you’ll be able to reuse it continually. There’s no need to unpick stitches or take your item apart.

Create Patterns From Existing Clothes

via All Free Sewing

The creator behind this idea has used a tank top as her example. Once you learn the basics, you will be able to do this for as many items as you like.

Items Needed For Project

How To Create Patterns From Existing Clothes Video

via Professor Pincushion

We have included a video tutorial from Professor Pincushion. The instructions are easy to follow and we highly recommend that you view. This way you will get the best possible results. To watch, click Play above ^

via All Free Sewing

How To Clone Your Clothes

via All Free Sewing

As you can see from these photos from All Free Sewing, it really is a very simple process. We’re sure you will soon be raiding your wardrobe for a few of your most wearable pieces.

Another great idea that you might like to check out is how to get the perfect fit making your own duct tape mannequin. You can find our tutorial here. You can find the full tutorial for cloning your clothes on All Free Sewing here.

Create Pattern Existing Clothes Jeans

How To Clone Your Favorite Jeans

via Melly Sews

We had no idea that this technique could also be applied to our Denim Jeans but we’re so happy to find out this is the case. Melly Sews has an excellent tutorial on her site to show you how. Get the details here.

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