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Denim Teddy Bear Pattern DIY Video Tutorial

You will love this Denim Teddy Bear Pattern and we’ve included a video tutorial that steps you through the process ..

Denim Teddy Bear Pattern

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a pair of denim jeans that have seen better days. Whilst you can throw out, why not repurpose?

We’ve shared  Denim Jeans upcycles like the  Farm Girl Apron and also had lots of love shown for the Denim Jeans Planters

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Denim Jeans Ber

Today, we bring you something equally exciting. We would like to introduce you to the Denim Jeans Teddy Bear! He is perfect for your next project and you are going to love to make him ..

Items To Make Denim Teddy Bear Pattern

  • An old pair of jeans
  • scissors
  • thread and needle
  • cotton

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Denim Teddy Bear Pattern Diy

The instructions are limited for the above Denim Teddies but we have put together some basic guidelines that will assist you in recreating the look.

The first thing you will need to do is find a Teddy Bear Template that you are happy with. Once you find the shape of a Bear that you are happy to make, you have the basis for your project.

If you google Teddy Bear Templates, there are plenty available. We have included a Template at the end of our page to start you off. The denim jeans shapes are shown in the photos above ⇑

Denim Teddy Bear Pattern Template

The Teddy Bear Template is the most critical element of your project. We have included a video that will assist you to achieve the best results. The Vlogger suggests that you put your template onto cardboard. Just use an old cereal box or something similar.To view the video, click Play above ⇑

How To Make A Teddy Bear Video Tutorial

We looked around for a good simple Teddy Bear Tutorial that would closely resemble the featured versions in our post. We feel that the video that we have included, is a good choice.

In fact, the Vlogger says that her 12-year-old daughter was able to follow the instruction.  Here’s what to do.

  • 1. Print out the teddy bear template.
  • 2. Place the template on your old jeans and cut out the pattern.    
  • 3. Sew each body part of the teddy bear separately and stuff them with leftover jeans or cotton. 
  • 4. Once the body parts are done, combine all the parts together.
  • To watch the video, click Play above ⇑

DIY Denim Teddy Bear Pattern The WHOot

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Denim Teddy Bear Pattern DIY

Denim Teddies Pattern via Doshi Sewing 

You can also add some additional trimmings to your Teddy to give him a unique look. Add a collar or a denim shirt. Use contrasting fabric in the ears and the feet and paws to add personality!

We found the Denim Teddies on the Doshi Sewing Site. There is a basic template below. Be sure to continue scrolling our post to check out the Memory Bears that are made from treasured clothing. They are another great idea that you are going to love!

Denim Teddy Bear Pattern

Looking for more ideas? You are going to love these adorable Memory Bears and there are lots of great patterns in the post. You can grab all the details  —> here

Memory Bears Free Pattern

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