Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Pattern Video

Here’s a way to preserve those precious memories. We love this DIY Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial and you will too …

There is nothing sweeter than a newborn bub, but boy, do they grow up quick! One minute you are cradling them in your arms and the next minute chasing them around the yard.

They also grow out of their clothing very quickly. Well, today you are going to learn the perfect way to preserve them with a very easy project. We promise that you are going to love the results!

Baby Clothing Quilt via QuiltKeepsake

Who would have thought that you could turn those outgrown and discarded clothes into a wonderful DIY Baby Clothes Memorial Clothes Pattern? By piecing together an assortment of your little one’s clothes, you can create something that will be treasured forever. This is a beautiful piece that can be handed down.

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via Lux Keepsake Quilts – Facebook 

We found this unique version on Facebook and this is what the creator had to say about her incredible design.

“This is a special quilt that I’ve been envisioning for a few years now! It’s a portrait quilt of my daughter made with clothing from when she was a baby up until kindergarten. I drew the design from a photograph and enjoyed every part of the process! It is backed with her crib duvet cover and bound with receiving blankets. It just won a place in my home and heart as my new favorite piece of art.”

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt via Quilt Keepsake 

The video tutorial below shows the whole quilting process. You will be amazed at just how easy it is and you can use all sorts of items in your creation. Onesies, T-Shirts, Tutus to name a few.

Have a memory blanket custom made Here

Our post is filled with lots of inspiration that guarantees to get your creative juices flowing. Be sure that you scroll our page all the way to the end. We don’t want you to miss a single idea.

DIY Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Video

We highly recommend that you watch this video tutorial that will share some clever tips and tricks on how to make your own DIY Baby Clothes Memory Quilt. To watch, click Play above ^

Onesie Quilt Tutorial via CraftBuds

This adorable onesie pattern puts each baby onesie into its own little square. Don’t you just love the idea!

Baby Dress Quilt via Pinterest

This idea for a baby girl’s quilt has amazing detail, leaving all the tulle and frills on the little dresses.

The quilted letters spelling her name add a nice touch, along with a few extras like hats, mittens and a bib.

Quilt via HumbleQuilts

DIY Baby Clothes Quilt via Lauryn Martin 

Baby Clothes Quilt via Don’t Look Now

Memory Baby Clothes Quilt via Lux Keepsake Quilts

Baby Clothes Quilt via Ric-Rac Applique 

First Year Quilt via LaurynMartin

Baby Onesie Memory Quilt via Coconut Robot 

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