Super Cute T-Shirt Cat Tent Video Tutorial

Here’s a super cute idea. Upcycle a t-shirt into this cute and comfy Cat Tent. This is an easy diy and you’ll love the results.

DIY Cat Tent

Here’s a great DIY using a T-Shirt and Coat hangers.

Your furbaby will love this cute cozy cat tent and it’s so easy and inexpensive to make using a cardboard box as a base. They will be snug as a bug and love hiding out here.

Scroll our page for more great ideas including a DIY Video tutorial that shows you just how easy this project is. Your kitty will love hiding out in their Cat Tent.

Cat Tent Tutorial

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Cat T-Shirt Tent

via Practically Functional

How To Make A T-Shirt Cat Tent -:

You’ll need:

  • – A 15 inch by 15 inch piece of card board
  • – 1 medium T-shirt
  • – 2 wire coat hangers
  • – Tape
  • – A bunch of safety pins
  • – 1 pair of pliers

How To Make Cat Tent Video Tutorial

You will love the video tutorial from Purina FriskiesClick Play above ⇑ to view.  

DIY Cat Tent T-shirt Bed Tutorial

via Instructables

Cat Tent DIY Instructions 

– Start by cutting the hooks off of the hangers.

– Push one end of a hanger into the corner of your cardboard so that about 1 inch pokes through the other side. 

– With your pliers, bend the end of the hanger at a 90 degree angle.

And secure it to the cardboard with a piece of tape.

– Take the other end of the wire and push that through the opposite corner of the cardboard.

– Bend the end and secure it in place with tape as well.

– Repeat this on the other corners with the 2nd wire.

– With a small piece of tape, secure the point where the wires intersect.

– Take your shirt and put your tent frame inside it.

– Using the safety pins, secure the bottom of the shirt and its sleeves to the bottom of the tent.

– Throw in a nice soft bedding and your cat is ready for camping in the family room!

Cat Castle

via Kitty Army

Here’s another awesome idea. Use some cardboard boxes to create a fantastic Cat Castle. There is no tutorial for this project and the site has since been removed but we’re sure you can get creative and use the photos above as inspiration.

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