Doily Bowls Crafts Easy Video Tutorial

You will never look at Doilies the same way again. You are going to love these Doily Bowls Crafts and they are super easy to make ..

We’re in love with these Doily Bowls and it’s a great repurposing project. You can use a Balloon or a Bowl as a base and you will find when they dry they have been molded into the desired shape.

The effects are stunning and they have a beautiful ambiance when lit up!

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Scroll our page and check out all the different versions. You’re bound to find one you love. Check out the Mason Jar Doily Jars too and Pin your favorites.


How To Make Doily Bowls Crafts With Balloons

The best part about this project is you will only need a few items and it’s an inexpensive project. Here’s what you will need ..

  1. Doilies of your choice
  2. Fabric Stiffener or Liquid Starch or Sugar and Water Technique in video
  3. A balloon or bowl to mold your Doily to
  4. wax paper

 Doily Bowls Crafts Video Tutorial

We have included a video that shows you how to make Doily Bowls using 2 ingredients, sugar and water. Click Play above to see the technique now ⇑

Now it’s time to make your Doily Bowl, here’s what to do -:

The first thing to do is to immerse and soak your doily with your Fabric Stiffener or Starch. Next, remove from the solution and squeeze out any excess, do this gently. Now cover your bowl with wax paper and shape your doily around the bowl until it is shaped as desired. As you can see from the photo below you can create all sorts of shapes using different molds. The jars would create a cute small bowl perfect for your rings and jewelry.

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Doiley Bowls

Doily Bowls Crafts via Free People

You can make the bowl any size and you can move the edges around to create a ruffled effect as featured in some of the photos in our post. There are no rules, anything goes. Have fun and experiment. Once you have your desired effect simply let dry and then remove from the bowl .. VOILA you’re done!  DIY Doily Bowls

Doily Bowls via Time Washed 

These Doily Bowls look gorgeous. Pinch edges to create effect. 

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Doiley Basket Tutorial

Doiley BasketYou can also give them an ombre effect like these ones found on The Star

Doily-Candle-Holder--You can make them with a balloon as shown above. Find the Tutorial in our post hereDoiley-Mason-JarsLooking for another use for your Doileys? View now —  Mason Doily Jars

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