LED Cloud Light Fixture DIY Video Tutorial

This LED Cloud Light Fixture has been so popular and it’s easy to recreate when you know how. Check out all the ideas now  …

We’re always keeping our eye open for easy and unique ideas and this DIY LED Cloud Light Fixture certainly fits the bill. Can’t you imagine this decorating a favorite space at your place?

We love the idea and it is so whimsical! They’re soft and fluffy and make a great photography prop too. Why not hang it in a nursery or childs bedroom. They are ideal party decorations too.

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LED Cloud Light Fixture via Nouse Decor 

 LED Cloud Light Fixture DIY Materials

They’re easy to make using a paper lantern and cotton wadding and we know you are going to love the results. Let’s check out what else you will need for your project and be sure to watch the video tutorial included below.

Cotton batting 

A paper lantern 

Fishing wire (if your paper lantern doesn’t come with string)

Glue gun 

Battery-powered LED light 

 LED Cloud Light DIY Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to recreate this LED Cloud Light Fixture. Click Play above to view now ^

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 Cloud Prop via The Farm Chicks 

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