Fairy Jar Lanterns Are Simply Magical

We’re in love with these Fairy Jar Lanterns that use cute cutouts and are backlit with Lights. You will love this roundup of magical ideas that are so easy to make!

What a clever idea these Fairy Jar Lanterns are and the magical frosted effect is stunning. They will look beautiful grouped together and are breathtaking at night!

These DIY Fairy Jar Lights are also surprisingly easy to make. They add ambience to any room.

via Pixie Hill 

You will love the orange and yellow flames that dance behind the fairy cutouts. We have included lots of versions for your inspiration like these featured from the talented Pixie Hill.

There are many templates available on the internet, you could even trace one out of a colouring book for example. You can also find some templates further down our post.

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Fairy Jar Lanterns

If you would prefer to purchase, these gorgeous Fairy Lanterns are available for sale on Etsy. You can get yours here

Video via Pixie Hill

Fairy Jar Video Tutorial

You will absolutely love the results of your Fairy Jars and the creator Pixie Hill even has a video tutorial that will show you how to make them. Click Play above to view now  ^

Here are some more gorgeous examples of Fairy Lanterns from Life Is Poppin and what a great job she did. They look particularly gorgeous in round bowls, don’t you think? See the tutorial here

Fairy Lanterns

We love this beautiful version from Adventure in a Box. You can find the full tutorial here

Fairy Lanterns

These Colour Changing Fairy Lanterns are from Etsy and you can purchase them for yourself or for gifts for family and friends. They are very popular and can be found here

This pretty version from E-how is very whimsical and they have added some moss and a handle to the base of their Fairy Lantern. They have an excellent tutorial on their website here

Fairy Jar Cutouts

Fairy Cutouts

The above Fairy Jars are featured on the Plaid Online Site. They have also included some Fairy Cutouts and other free printables to get you started. You can get the details here

Fairy Cutout 1 Fairy Cutout 2 Fairy Cutout 3

You can also find a good selection of Fairy Cutouts like those we have featured above on Buzzfeed. Get the details here

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