How To Make Adorable Flower Puppy Bouquets

You will love learning how to make a flower puppy bouquet for your family and friends. They are easy to make and look great. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

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If you are on the hunt for an easy and unique gift idea for family and friends, you will love to learn how to make a puppy flower bouquet. This is one of our favorite ideas and we know you are going to be excited to recreate them at home.

Why would you ever send flowers when you can send a Puppy Bouquet? Imagine the look on the recipient’s faces. It will be made all the more special when you tell them it was made with your hands!

via 1800 flowers

We are including these adorable Puppy Flower Bouquet Ideas from 1800 Flowers. It gives you some inspiration for your own.

Whilst these versions are available for sale we are including a video tutorial that can step you through the process of making your own.

You can have so much fun using store-bought flowers or even an assortment from your own garden. You can even use faux flowers for this project.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination so don’t be shy. You can even scavenge up some natural flora and fauna like pine cones to add to your arrangements. Nothing is off-limits, get creative!

via 1800 flowers

The blooms used are Carnations and you’d be surprised just how easy they are to make. We’ve included inspiration for Baby Showers, Weddings, Christmas, Easter, and more.

You’ll also find some other ideas at the end of our post. Scroll our page and Pin your favorites. Watch the video too.

Puppy Flower Bouquet Materials

  • Silk or Fresh Flowers – Carnations, Roses
  • Ribbons and Bows
  • Basket
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Optional – Santa Hat etc
  • Craft Dog Eyes
  • Craft Dog Nose
  • Filler for Basket
  • Nippers to cut wire
  • Glue Gun

Puppy Bouquet Video Tutorial

via UBloom

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make your own Puppy Flower Bouquet. You can use fresh flowers or faux flowers for this project and the results will be equally gorgeous. To view, click Play above ^

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