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Sock Owl Craft With Easy To Follow Video

You’re going to love making this Sock Owl Craft and won’t they look absolutely OWLdorable in a favorite space at your place!

Sock Owl Craft

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Don’t throw out those old socks. We have found the cutest project that we just know you are going to love! Sock Animals have long been a favorite in our community.

They are super easy to make and they look great. Over time we have shared lots of adorable ideas but these Sock Owls have to be right up there when it comes to the cutest of them all don’t you think!

Now when your socks go missing in action, you will have the perfect use for them! We’ve included lots of different versions that will guarantee to get your creative juices flowing and you can follow along with the video tutorial too!

Sock Owl Craft

How To Make Sock Owl Craft-:

Make: 1

  • 1. Sock (crew length), 1 pair or you could substitute 1 with plain white sock for bean pack; or use 1 pair of ankle length socks.
  • 2. White felt (for the white of the eye)
  • 3. Orange felt or orange sock scrap (for the beak)
  • 4. Safety eye 1/2″ [13mm], black, 2; or button; or felt
  • 5. Poly-fill stuffing material
  • 6. Stuffing beans or silica beads (for bean pack)
  • 7. Sewing threads (matching colors)

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Sock Owl Tools:

  1. 1. Sewing machine (optional, you can hand-sew without machine)
  2. 2. Sewing needle (prefer long, about 2″) and pins
  3. 3. Erasable fabric marker
  4. 4. Scissors
  5. 5. Blunt point tweezers

Sock Owl Craft

What a cute idea this is. You Can perch your Owls on a branch, don’t they look sweet. We found this idea on Better Homes and Garden and we have included a video tutorial below.

How To Make Sock Owl Craft Video

We had to include this Sock Owl Craft Video Tutorial from Better Homes and Garden. Whilst they are different to the featured Sock Owls, it’s another project we think you will love. Click Play to view above ⇑

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We found this super cute Sock Owl on Grace3636 there is no actual tutorial but you can see the very cute results. Such a great job and you can follow the steps outlined above.

Family of Sock Owls Tutorial via Craft Passion

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