How To Make A Dreamcatcher

You will love learning how to make a dreamcatcher for your bedroom. Our post has a quick video to show you how. View the details now.

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how to make a dreamcatcher

Today we’re excited to share with you how to make a dreamcatcher. This is a hugely popular craft and one that you are bound to love.

They look amazing floating on the breeze and they come with sweet dreams guaranteed! Dreamcatchers are associated with Native Americans. They hang the dreamcatcher over their beds for protection.

how to make a dreamcatcher

It is said that good dreams pass through the dreamcatcher. They slip through the outer holes and slide down the soft feathers.

The bad dreams, however, get tangled in the dreamcatcher. They perish with the first light of the new day.

how to make a dreamcatcher

via infographic plaza

How To Make A Dreamcatcher Infographic

via Infographic Plaza

You will need a ring for the base of your project. Traditionally it is a willow hoop but you could also use a metal ring, cardboard, or similar.

They are traditionally decorated with doilies, feathers, glass beads, and ribbons. Whilst they look beautiful in neutral tonings, the brighter versions are equally as stunning. You can make your dreamcatcher in colors that will complement the decor of your bedroom.

how to make a dreamcatcher

Materials Needed For Project

  • Hoop
  • Doily
  • Super Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Feathers, Beads, Glitter, Decorations
  • Leather, Suede, Fabric to wrap the Hoop

Dreamcatcher Video Tutorial

via Emilie Lefler

We are including this very helpful video tutorial that will guide you through making your own at home.

You will be guided through the process and as a result, you can be assured of the best possible result. To watch, click Play above ^

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