Napkin Covered Candles Are Beyond Beautiful

These Napkin Covered Candles are so easy to create and they turn out great. You won’t believe the stunning results you achieve ..

Napkin Covered Candles

Decoupage isn’t just for Nana’s. It’s a super popular craft that the whole family can enjoy and you will be surprised at all the wonderful things that you can create. If you are new to this past time, these decoupage candles are the ideal project to begin with. They are extremely easy to make and they look great! Be warned though, this is a  highly addictive hobby!

There are a number of ways that you can Decoupage. We have included a video further down our post that shows you how to make Printed Candles using your Iron and Napkins.

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Decoupage Jewellery Box

via Kontakt

What is A Decoupage?

Essentially Decoupage is the art of cutting out pictures from magazines or other paper items. Paper Napkins have become a regular tool of the trade. You arrange your pictures into collections and meld your images to obtain an effect or story. You can then add glitter or gold leaf to accent your creations. Family Photos on Dressers and furniture are another popular version.

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Napkin Covered Candles

Be sure to watch the video from Dare to DIY, you can also use a Hair Dryer and there are some useful tools on Amazon here -Bear in mind, the ideas featured show you how to decoupage with items like spoons and a candle. Things that can be commonly found around your home. Be sure that you scroll our page in its entirety so you don’t miss any of the great ideas!

Napkin Covered Candles Video Tutorial -:

Are you ready to learn the how to? We have included a video tutorial above that will step you through the process. Click Play now to watch ⇑

All you need to do is cut out your favorite sections of the paper napkin. You only want one layer so use the part that has the printed design and discard the layers.

Next, heat your spoon over your tea light. You are going to use the back of your spoon to smooth out your pictures on your candle and you don’t want to risk any black from burning your spoon.

Horse Photo Decoupage Dresser Tutorial

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Decoupage Candles

Napkin Covered Candles via Gathering Beauty 

It simply couldn’t be easier! As you can see from the photos, you will soon have designer looking candles decorating your home!

Decoupaged Candles

Over on the Dollar Store Crafts Site, the very clever Heather has made hers look decidedly designer. We love the patterns and again, they are napkins.

Napkin Covered Flowers

via Live Master 

It’s suggested you flip your spoon upside down. This way the unused section is the part that is heated up and does the smoothing. Hold your picture in place on your candle and gently rub the heated base of your spoon over the napkin image.

Dried Flower Decoupage Candles

You should notice that it starts melting into the candle. This is a delicate process. Be careful not to overly apply pressure. You can get creative with all sorts of things including leaves and flowers as displayed above and below.

There are no rules, you can let your imagination run wild!

Dried Flower Decoupage Candles

via tt crafts 

Need Mod Podge For Your Project ? —> Get Yours Here 

Candle Covers

via Fancy Little Things

Here’s another great idea for Decorative Candles. The above version gives white candles a new lease on life. She has encased in paper and adhered with Mod Podge. She has then reapplied over the top. They are not recommended for burning.

Napkin Covered Candles

Napkin Covered Candles via Dollar Store 

Here’s another cute idea. You can apply this technique to jars and tins too. We love this unique way of presenting these candles and they would make gorgeous gifts. You can use craft paper, wallpaper, wrapping paper to name a few.

Personalised Photo Candles

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