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Wooden Family Calendar Wall Hanging

Never forget a birthday again! This Wooden Family Calendar Wall Hanging  is the perfect addition to every home.

Family Birthday Calendar Tutorial

If you are anything like us, you have a long list of Birthdays to remember. Well, we have the solution that will ensure that you will never forget a Birthday again!

We love these brilliant Family Birthday Calendars and they are the perfect reminder.

Family Calendars

As you can see from the pictures above and below, there are so many ways you can display them and of course so many uses. Make one for yourself and give one as a gift. There’s even one for the Grandparents. This is an inexpensive DIY. Scroll our page and Pin your favorites and be sure to watch the video tutorial too.

Which do you love? You can make them in all sorts of colors and ways and then hang them in a favorite space. Prefer to purchase? Get Yours Here

Family Birthday Calendar Video

We have included a video tutorial for you that shows you step by step how to make your own Birthday Board.

We love the version that is featured as it has an interchangeable photo holder to remind you of the very next Birthday. Click Play above to view and then continue scrolling for more inspiration ⇑

How To Make Family Birthday Calendar 

Celebrations Board

Celebrations Board via Etsy 

Here’s what you will need 

  • Drill and Bits
  • Sand Paper
  • Palm Sander – Optional 
  • Painting Equipment
  • Saw
  • Miter Box
  • Clamps
  • Fishing Line – Floss or small gauge string will work too.

Family Birthday Calendar

 Family Birthday Calendar via Instructables

Here’s what you will need

  • Wooden Disks Circles or shape of your choice
  • 26″ x 10″x 1″ (9.25 x .75) Board 
  • 5′ Wall Molding – The Blogger used thin, almost quarter round, molding as trim on the header board to give it a more finished, framed, look.
  • Paint, various colors – The board and molding were painted one color, the disks another. You may also want to paint designs or words onto the header board and/or pieces. Priming the header board and molding is recommended.

Exciting Update – We have found an Etsy Store that sells Birthday Calendar Kits that have everything you need for your project. You can see the items below. It’s inexpensive and you get all your items at once ⇓

Family Birthday Board Kit

—> Need Supplies? Purchase everything you need for your project HERE 

  • Spackle – Used to fill gaps in the molding corners and holes in the header board’s surface.
  • 12x Eyelet Screws – These have an eyelet on one end and a small screw on the other, you need one for each month.
  • S-Hooks – Essentially two hooks attached at one end forming an S shape, used for hanging the name pieces. You need one for every piece you want to hang plus a couple extras for future expansion.
  • Wood Glue – For attaching the molding.
  • 2x Picture Hangers – There are several ways to hang this, this is just one.
  • Decorative Stuff – Paint pens for writing on the disks, stencils for lettering the board, etc. This is going in your home, let your style and creativity shine.

Family Birthday Calendar

Family Calendar via Auburn Blue

Family Birthday Calendar

Family Calendar via Instructables

Family Birthday Calendar

Family Calendar via Christiney’s Crafts

Grandkids Photo Sign

Grandkids Sign via My Simple Obsession

Grandkids Sign

Grandkids Sign Etsy

—> Buy your Grandkids Sign Here

Grandkids Sign

Grandkids Sign via Where The Smiles Have Been 

Looking for more ideas? View this great idea now —> Family Photo Wall Clock

Family Photo Wall Clock

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