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Faux Tin Tiles Made With Cookie Sheets

You can turn your disposable Cookie Sheets into works of art. You will love this collection of ideas and they are easy to make!

Tin Tiles

Have you discovered Aluminium Foil Embossing? It is a wonderful craft that is very easy and you are going to be amazed by the type of results that you can achieve.

One of our favorite projects is, without doubt, the Cookie Tin Faux Tiles by ‘Suzy Sitcom’. As you can see by the photos below, it is hard to believe that she has only used dollar store cooking pans.

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Faux Tin Tiles


While we’re on the subject, you can simply use foil wrap!

Think of all the different ways you can include this technique into your decor. From wall art to adding detail to jewelry boxes, fireplaces, splash-backs, and furniture .. there are so many ideas that you will no doubt have. You’ll also be excited to find out just how easy it is to recreate these stunning examples.


Metal Embossing Video Tutorial -:

We have found you a brilliant video tutorial that features renown Artist and Instructor, Elitia Hart. She steps you through the process and gives a great introduction to Metal Embossing. She learned this medium in South Africa from a talented friend and she explains the process perfectly.

As she says there is an enormous versatility to this craft. She shows you the surfaces and tools that you will need to use. To view click ‘Play’ to watch her in action and once viewed, continue scrolling to see more projects. Click Play above ^

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How To Make Faux Tin Tiles

How To Make Cookie Sheet Tin Tiles

What you’ll need for this project :

  • 2 disposable aluminum cookie sheets
  • Patterns or Stencils – Suzy has plenty on her site.
  • A knitting needle
  • Paintbrush
  • Various metallic acrylic paints
  • Spray primer
  • A cork bulletin board
  • Thumb tacks

Faux Tin Tiles

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Embossed Aluminium Art

via Suzy Sitcom

Suzy has included some other fabulous free patterns for Aluminium Embossed Art and you can select from a Sleeping Mermaid, Enchanted Fish and a Hole Punch Rooster.Tin Backsplash

Here’s another way that you can achieve an incredibly pressed tin tile look. The Blogger has been very creative. She found some thick embossed wallpaper and then sprayed it silver. She then pasted it with wallpaper adhesive. This would be ideal for use in areas that were not going to get wet or be in use.

Wallpaper Tin Tiles

This wallpaper was white when she bought it and you can see how good it looks in her kitchen below. We found this idea on ‘My Favourite Things’

How To Install A Faux Stainless Backsplash

via Infarrantly Creative

How would you like to add a stainless steel style backdrop to your kitchen, laundry or any other area of your home? Just like the Faux Cookie Tins we have shared with you above, these photos are of a faux stainless steel backdrop and you would never know!

This is such a great idea and you can create all sorts of effects and save yourself money. This effect is achieved using a peel and stick subway style faux tile that you can purchase on Amazon. There are a huge amount of styles and they are inexpensive. You can view all the different versions here

Faux Stainless Backsplash

The full instructions for the installation of this project can be found on ‘Jo-anne’

Suzy is ready to share her tips and tricks with you. She has all the details on her site plus lots of other amazing projects. You can visit her here

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