How To Make Super Cute Felt Baby Shoes

These adorable Felt Baby Shoes are absolutely adorable and they couldn’t be any easier to make. This is a cute diy you’ll love and we have a video tutorial to step you through.

How sweet are these Felt Baby Shoes and they’re so easy and affordable to make. They are perfect for bubs and extremely comfy too. We’re sure you have someone in mind to make them for.

Our post includes a number of popular ideas that you will be keen to try. We have a baby foot chart for you to reference plus several different styles and a video tutorial to follow.

How To Make Felt Baby Shoes Video

We have included a video tutorial that steps you through the process of making your own super cute Felt Baby Shoes at home. They are moccasins and beyond adorable.

Click Play above to view the video instructions now ^

Felt Baby Shoes

If you would like to purchase Felt Baby Shoes, there are plenty of popular styles available on Etsy like the ones that we have featured above. You can view them all here

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Felt Baby Shoes

via Fler

You can even add a sweet little face to your felt shoes like this cute mouse version from Fler.

Whilst there is no pattern, it’s great inspiration and we are sure you will be able to recreate easily.

Felt Baby Shoes

Here’s another super cute idea, why not add some laces to your Baby Shoes like the ones above from Etsy

Felt Baby Shoes

via Duitang

You can play around with patterns and fabrics to create adorable versions like this super cute Minnie Mouse style that we found on Duitang

via Purlsoho

The above baby felt shoes are a kimono style and all you are going to need for this project is felt, cotton for stitching, elastic and you will need a pencil and scissors to create your pattern.

The template provided for the above pattern is for a 3-month size, which is 4-inches long. If you’d like to enlarge the pattern for a different size, the chart below will assist you. You can find all the printable instructions on Purl Soho here

via Wendy’s Knits

We found this very helpful chart over on Wendy’s Knits and it will greatly assist you to make the sizes that you require. It’s a good one to Pin for future reference.

Felt Baby Shoes

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