Fairy House Teapot Cosy Pattern Is Gorgeous

We’ve put together a swag of lovely Teapot Cosy’s for you to make including this stunning Knitted Fairy House Teapot Cosy.

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Knitted Fairy House Tea Cosy Free Pattern

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You’re going to love this collection of gorgeous Tea Cosy’s that will add a splash of color and cheeriness to your kitchen!

If you are a tea drinker, why not pretty up your pot with this adorable Fairy House Teapot Cosy Pattern.
Knitted Flower Garden Tea Cozy Free Pattern

Teapot Cozies bring back the memories and we are sure some of the examples will remind you of Grandma’s house.

Let’s start with this adorable Knitted Tea Cosy that is known as Flower Garden. This is so cute and will bring your kitchen and table to life. We particularly love the colourful button flowers that adorn the side. Grab your free pattern here

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Rose Buds Knitted Tea Cozy Free Pattern

This stunning Rosebuds Knitted Tea Cosy is knitted up using a tighter tension according to the clever Creator Jen. We’re head over heels for the detail and texture and the colors are superb –  free pattern here

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Knitted Tea Cozy Free Pattern

We love this simple Knitted Tea Cosy named ‘Flower Pot’ – it’s another version you’ll love to make – you can find the free pattern hereKip Tea Cosy Free Knitting Pattern

We love this very simple draw string version Tea Cosy and it’s another beauty you’ll love to show off – free pattern here

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Knitted Tea Cozy Free Pattern

Don’t you just love this Rosy Tea Cosy? You can grab your free pattern here

Knitted Elephant Tea Cozy Free Pattern

If you love Elephants, you’ll be keen to add this cutie to your Cosy Collection! You can grab your free pattern here

Knitted Fairy House Teapot Cozies

free pattern here 

These gorgeous Knitted Fairy House Teapot Cosy will be on your must make list and how cute are they. You can find a full tutorial on the Livenet’ Website. Keep scrolling to see all the different versions and don’t forget to Pin.

free pattern here 

Knitted Fairy House Tea Cozy Free Pattern

free pattern here

Don’t you just love the way they look like something straight out of a storybook! The detail is quite incredible. How cute is the wooden door and the windows!

free pattern here 

Knitted Teapot Cozy Free Pattern

 Knitted Fairy House Teapot Cosy Free Pattern – pattern here

Cottage Tea Cosy

get paid pattern — Cottage Tea Cosy 

Cupcake Tea Cosy

get pattern — Cupcake Teapot Cosy Pattern 

Cupcake Pin Cushion Knitted Free Pattern Pincushion Cupcakes Free Knitted Pattern

Get Pattern — Knitted Pin Cushion Free Pattern 

Granny Crochet Tea Cozy Free Pattern

Here’s another fabulous style of Tea Cosy and it is just like everyone’s Nana had on their Teapot. You can make this Granny Crochet Teapot Cosy in all your favorite colors –  get pattern — Granny Crochet Teapot Cosy Free Pattern

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