French Knitting Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Have you discovered French Knitting yet? It’s a wonderful way to create ornaments and you use a loom. Watch the video now …

French Knitting Christmas Ornaments

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How beautiful are these French Knitting Christmas Tree Ornaments! They’ll look fantastic on your tree or boxed up as a special homemade gift.

They’re very easy to make once you know how and we’ve included a simple Tutorial and Video on how to make your own French Knitting Loom or ‘Knitting Nancy’ as they are often referred to. You can make a Knitting Loom using items such as a toilet roll tube and popsicle sticks. It really is as easy as that!

Popsicle Knitting Loom

Popsicle Stick Knitting Loom Tutorial 

Here’s an example of the typical Knitting Loom that you can use for this project. Be sure to continue scrolling. We have included a video below. You will also find some super cute Peppermint Coasters that you will love to make too.

video tutorial via Cathy Mcgrath

How To Make A French Knitting Loom Video

Cathy Mcgrath will show you how to make your own French Knitting Loom. Click Play above to watch the video now ^

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French Knitting Christmas Ornaments

French Knitting Christmas Tree Free Pattern

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Peppermint Coaster Free Pattern 

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Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings Free Pattern
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