DIY Geometric Painting With Tape Ideas

You will love to learn the Geometric Painting technique and you’ll be able to create beautiful pieces for your home that will give your decor a distinct designer touch.

We are always trying to find projects that deliver great results. This Geometric Tape Painting is one such DIY and the best part, you don’t need any special skills.

It’s the perfect beginner’s project. It’s so easy and the kids can make one too! You can’t go wrong with straight lines but it’s the effects that you can create that makes it exciting. You can add texture and layers and you can use all sorts of things on your canvas.

via Shop Sweet Things

We have put together a collection of great ideas that we are sure will get your creative juices flowing. One of the things that we are most keen to try is the Geometric Animal Art Work.

How would you like to learn how you can turn any animal into a Geometric Masterpiece! We have included a video further down our post. It shows you how to master this clever hack.

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Geometric Painting With Tape

All you need is some Masking Tape and a Canvas and you are on your way. The final effect is nothing less than stunning and you will be spoilt for choice! We love the colors in the version above from Wit and Whistle.Leaf Geometric Tape Painting

This version from Jenni of I Spy DIY features a gold leaf and the gorgeous colours in the background make for a lovely creation to hang in your home. We love the finished result.

Tape Painting Herringbone Canvas Tutorial

Herringbone Canvas via I Should Be Mopping

Gold Geometric Tape Painting

The simplicity of this gold and aqua version is beautiful. It is a real statement piece and looks brilliant broken into 4 pieces. You can have them above and below each other or in a row. Very easy too! Found on Retro Ranch Renovation

Here’s another way that you can present your Geometric Tape Painting in an interesting way. Don’t the dots look amazing, it takes on a real designer look – source

How To Make Any Geometric Animal Video

As we mentioned earlier, we were very excited to discover how easy it is to make ANY animal you like into a Geometric form. Click Play above to watch the video now and then continue scrolling for more ideas ⇑

Geometric Tape Painting

Geometric Tape Painting

The gorgeous version above shows you just how glitter can take your project to the next level. You could even use alfoil or metallic paint. Great inspiration from Pinterest

Geometric Tape Art

source —> Geometric Painting With Tape (left) Painting (right)

Melted Crayon Geometric Tape Painting

This version has been made with Melted Crayons and don’t you love those vibrant colors. You could duplicate this look by using your hair dryer. This one is for sale on Etsy

Kids Tape Painting

Love this great idea for the kids names. See more here

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