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Glass Luminaries Centrepieces Easy DIY

Glass Luminaries make lovely gifts and centerpieces and they are an easy and inexpensive craft that you will enjoy making …

Glass Luminaries

Mason Jar Luminaries are always a very popular craft with our community and shared extensively on Pinterest.

The humble glass Mason Jar is readily available to purchase, plus very inexpensive and with a few basic simple techniques, you can create a beautiful luminary or lantern.

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Learn How To Make Easy Glass Gem Luminaries

They’ll look fantastic decorating your home and garden and also make a lovely handmade gift. These Mason Jar Luminaries are decorated with glass gems or glass marbles to produce a brilliant sparkling light effect that looks totally magical.

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Images via Tee Diddly Dee

The tutorial creator was originally planning to make a Mason Jar Luminary using Epsom Salt but then hit upon using glass gems for a totally different special effect.  Be sure to view our handy post on how to tint Mason Jars in lots of gorgeous colors too – you’ll love the results and they are so pretty.

What you need to make glass luminaries

Glass Luminaries Video Tutorial

The tutorial includes a tip if you have problems with the hot glue sticking. The blogger used clear silicone caulk and it worked very well in both hot and cold outdoor temperatures. Super industrial strength glues like e6000 work the best.

We’ve included a step by step video tutorial for Glowing Marble Solar Luminaries – click Play above to view the video ^

Learn How To Make Easy Glass Gem Luminaries

How To Make Glass Gem Luminaries

Start off by gluing the glass gems to the outside of the Mason Jar with your Hot Glue Gun. Try to keep the gems close together so all the surface of the jar is covered. Then pop in your Tea Lights (battery operated or actual flame candles).

If you have the battery operated Tea Lights you can leave off the lid off or put it back on. Or if you’re using the Tea Light Candles use just the lid without the seal.  

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Learn How To Make Easy Glass Gem Luminaries

via Mom Spark

The blogger uses Blue or Gold Glass Gems which look really beautiful but you can adapt to suit your own tastes. These luminaries are particularly good for outdoor areas as the glass gems keep them weighted down securely.

Glass Gem Wine Bottle

via Etsy 

Here’s another great way to apply your Glass Gems. This Wine Bottle looks fabulous and again, it’s very easy to recreate. This version is featured for sale on EtsyWine Bottle with Glass Gems

Here’s another super cute idea, we love these Fishbowl Lanterns from Artistic Junkie. All you need to do is attach some glass gems to plain vases for a stunning result. You can find the tutorial here

Fishbowl Lanterns

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