Glitter Stem Wine Glasses Perfect For Parties

Take your party to the next level and add a splash of colour in the process. These glitter glasses look fabulous and are so easy …

The best details of a party, don’t need to cost a fortune. We just love coming across cute and inexpensive ideas with impact.

These Glitter Glasses are one such example and they are crazy easy to make! You can tie them in with your theme and decorate them in a complimentary color. They are perfect for iweddings, parties, engagements and what a wonderful homemade gift they make.

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Glitter Wine Glasses via Inspire Design Create 

It’s the quickest way to give dollar store glasses a facelift, and that expensive designer touch in the process. One thing is for sure, you are going to love the results! Be sure to scroll our page and check out the different ideas. We have also included a short video that shows you how to make your own at home.

Glitter Stem Wine Glasses Video

As mentioned previously, we have included a quick video to step you through the process. Click Play above to view now ^

What others are reading

Glitter Wine Glasses via Inspire Design Create 

Glitter Stem Wine Glasses DIY

You will need some glitter and some Mod Podge which is a clear craft glue. and you will paint your stems with Mod Podge and then cover in glitter. You could even use a Ziplock Bag filled with glitter and dip the base. You will need to ensure that your stem is taped off so that the glitter is contained only to the area that you want to decorate. Once your glasses have dried use a clear sealant which will help to keep your glitter from flaking off.

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