Ann’s Amazing Gourd Fairy Houses

You will never look at a Gourd the same way again! We love these Gourd Fairy Houses Garden Ideas and you will too …

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Next time you are in the supermarket, don’t walk past those Gourds! You will be amazed what you can turn them into!

We were amazed at the many projects you can use them for. You might remember that we recently shared the Gossiping Gourd Chickens, Everyone went clucky and we expect the same for these Fairy Houses.

via A Little Fur In The Paint

Gourd Fairy Houses

via A Little Fur In The Paint

We stumbled across the most enchanting website that proves there really are fairies at the bottom of the garden.

The Creator, Anne from A Little Fur In the Paint has the most breathtaking photos. It is where we spied her collection of Gourd Fairy Houses Garden Ideas. We simply couldn’t wait to feature her and we know you will be very keen to make your own.

via A Little Fur In The Paint

As you can see Anne uses Pine Cones for the roof. As a result, it looks like it has a proper shingle.

The other elements that Ann includes in her designs are made using Polymer Clay. She has a detailed tutorial on her site that explains exactly how she made her Fairy House Gourds.

Be sure to visit her now!

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