How To Bleach Pine Cones White

Laarn how to bleach pine cones white with this easy to follow video tutorial. You will love the results and they look beautiful around your home. You are guaranteed to enjoy this fantastic project. View now.

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How would you like to learn how to bleach pine cones white? The results are truly unique and absolutely stunning.

They look particularly good grouped together in a big bowl and of course, they are wonderful for the holidays. The best part about this project is it’s super easy. It’s important however to exercise caution when using the bleach. This is not a project for unattended children.

How Long To Bleach Pine Cones?

One of the first questions most want to know about this project is how long to bleach the pine cones? This is a minimum 24-hour process.

You want to leave your pine cones fully immersed in a bucket of bleach for at least this amount of time. The results that you will achieve will vary. In the video that we are sharing many of the pine cones were white and then some were more of a cream color. Either way, they look absolutely gorgeous.

How To Bleach Pine Cones White Video Tutorial

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Are you ready to learn how to bleach pine cones white? As mentioned earlier, this is a simple DIY that produces absolutely stunning results.

We highly recommend that you watch the video to ensure the best possible results. Be sure to wear eye goggles and gloves and be extremely careful when handling the bleach. To watch, click Play above ^

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