Hand Crochet a Chunky Blanket In One Hour

Learn how to Hand Crochet a gorgeous Chunky Blanket in just one Hour using only your fingers. You’ll love this tutorial …

Have you tried Hand Crochet?  It’s quick and easy to do, even for a beginner. You don’t need any Crochet skills or even a hook.

Once you’ve learned the basic technique you’ll be able to Hand Crochet a Blanket in one Hour. You’ll not be able to stop at one and everyone will be putting in their order!

How to Hand Crochet a Chunky Blanket in one Hour

Pattern via Simply Maggie

The Pattern includes row by row instructions with handy tips for perfect stitches plus a step by step video which you can view below. We’ve also included a free tutorial to make a Scarf using Finger Crochet in just 15 minutes.

Pattern via Simply Maggie

Hand Crochet Video Tutorial

The pattern uses 36 rows of Single Hand Crochet and you’ll need 12 skeins of Yarn. You can also decorate the corners with tassels as a special finishing touch – we’ve included a simple and super quick way to make tassels from inexpensive Embroidery Floss further down our post for you to try.

The finished blanket size is 53 inches by 46 and it’s so warm and comfy. It looks amazing and your friends won’t believe how quickly you made it! Press Play above to view the Video now ^

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Once you’ve finished your blanket you’ll just need to hand wash it gently and leave it to dry on a flat surface. Download the easy step by step digital Pattern on how to Hand Crochet a Blanket in one Hour from Simply Maggie’s Etsy Shop here

How to Hand Crochet a Chunky Blanket in one Hour

How to Finger Crochet via Tea Collection

Blair Stocker of Tea Collection is a young mother and she used this fun and easy Finger Crochet technique to keep the children’s little hands occupied when they were younger.

Finger Crochet Afghan Blanket Free Pattern

Free Pattern via Ravelry

All it takes is 6 balls of Yarn to create this super cozy Finger Crochet Afghan Blanket and it’s an easy Free Pattern. You don’t need any crochet skills!

How to Hand Crochet a Chunky Blanket in one Hour

How to Hand Crochet a Chunky Blanket in one Hour via Darby Smart

You can also use this Finger Crochet technique to make a scarf – all it takes is 15 minutes!

How to Hand Crochet a Chunky Blanket in one Hour

quick Tassels via Paging Super Mom

Be sure to try out the popular Finger Knitting technique too – we have an easy Beginner’s guide to Finger Knitting which is full of tips plus easy free patterns. View the details here

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